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2013 Poehler Lecture - Dr. Jeffrey Burkart

  • Poehler Lecture Series

About Dr. Jeffrey Burkart

Rev. Dr. Robert Holst

"The Persistence of Vision: Reflections on Faith and Learning,"

The Poehler Lecture was held on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

The 32-year career of Jeffrey Burkart as a professor at Concordia only begins to reflect his contributions to the lives of people in parishes and classrooms across the church in his more than four decades of ministry. His formal training at Concordia Teachers College in River Forest (B.A.), the University of Nebraska (M.A.), and the University of Minnesota (Ph.D.) has complemented an utterly singular set of gifts--as teacher, composer, writer, director, public speaker, and leader in Christian education at multiple levels.

Burkart has been a resource to the wider Lutheran Christian community, all the while maintaining his full array of duties as one of Concordia's most popular, versatile, and celebrated faculty members. Those contributions, at Concordia and elsewhere, were recognized by his undergraduate alma mater in 2005 (Litt.D.), and by the Lutheran Education Association's bestowal of its Christus Magister Award in 2012.



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