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Academic programs at Concordia University, St. Paul are organized into four colleges and are offered at the traditional undergraduate, adult undergraduate and graduate levels for each college.

College of Business & Technology

The College of Business & Technology offers programs that prepare graduates for today’s competitive business environment. Students gain global and technological expertise that is built upon a strong ethical foundation. All programs are practitioner-oriented and build upon student experiences.

Kevin Hall, Dean
Craig Lien, Associate Dean


  • Department of Adult Undergraduate Business Administration
  • Department of Graduate Business Administration
  • Department of Graduate Business Management
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Department of Traditional Undergraduate Business Administration


College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Graduates from the College of Humanities & Social Science are well-prepared to take on their career objectives after graduation. Many alumni go on to fill positions in Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Paul Hillmer, Dean


  • Department of Art and Design
  • Department of Communication Studies
  • Department of English and Modern Languages
  • Department of History and Political Science
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Psychology and Social Behavioral Science
  • Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Department of Theology and Ministry


College of Education

The mission of the College of Education is to prepare professionals for life-long learning and service in teaching, research and leadership. A Lutheran-based, liberal arts learning environment readies professionals for success in a diverse and global community. A coordinated set of courses and field experiences provides graduates with opportunities to build and demonstrate their knowledge, skills and personal qualities.

Lonn Maly, Dean


  • Department of Doctoral Studies in Education
  • Department of Graduate Teacher Education
  • Department of Undergraduate Teacher Education


College of Health & Science

Dr. Katie Fischer, Interim Dean


  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Physical Therapy
  • Department of Science


Department Chair
College of Arts & Letters
Art & Design Keith Williams
Communication Studies Alan Winegarden
 English & Modern Languages  Debra Beilke
 History & Political Science David Woodard
Music David Mennicke
Theology & Ministry Mark Schuler
Theatre & Dance Mark Rosenwinkel
College of Business & Technology
Business Renata Mayrhofer
College of Education & Science
Child & Family Education Michael Walcheski
Kinesiology & Health Sciences Eric LaMott
Mathematics Rob Krueger
Science  Leanne Bakke
Social & Behavioral Sciences Stephen Morgan



Adult Undergraduate
BA-Accounting  Bruce Corrie
BA-BUS  Scott Morrell and Bruce Corrie
BA-CD  Lynn Gehrke
BA-CJ  Erv Weinkauf
BA-EXS  Katie Fischer
BA-FLE  Michael Walcheski
BA-FRM  Christine Kudelka
BA-Health Care  Katie Fischer
Hospitality  Christine Kudelka
BA-HRM  Rita Kenyon
BA-ITM  Joel Schuessler
BA-MKM  Christine Kudelka
BA-OML  Craig Witthaus and Jean Rock
BS-PSC  Katie Fischer
Radiologic Science  Katie Fischer
MA-CJ  Erv Weinkauf
MA-ECE  Lynn Gehrke
MA-FLE  Michael Walcheski
MA-HR  Steve Manderscheid
MA-LM  Jean Rock
MBA  Craig Lien
MBA-HC  Craig Lien
MA-SCM  Alan Winegarden
MA-SM  Katie Fischer