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What will you do with your God-given talents? How do you feel called to serve Christ?

You may feel called to serve in a rural area, or maybe you want to explore urban or suburban service. You may have a passion for music or be drawn to teaching at a Lutheran school. Maybe you want to help spread God’s message around the world or right in your own backyard.

Study at Concordia University, St. Paul and discover the many ways that you can make a difference in your community. Concordia St. Paul is positioned to give you a unique higher education experience that you won’t find anywhere else. We are a small campus in the heart of the bustling Twin Cities. Christian faith is an integral part of who we are, but our campus welcomes students of all backgrounds – there’s no better place to embrace your beliefs than on a campus that reflects the world around us.


CSP Scholarships for Students in Church Professions

Twelve Disciples Scholarship

For new students who possess high academic achievement, financial need, and a call to pursue full-time church work in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

One full-tuition scholarship (less any grants)

Eleven $1,000 scholarships (renewable for four years)

Students must apply for all forms of financial aid by applying for admission to Concordia University and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The scholarship will ensure that 100% of tuition is covered less any grants.

Interested students should submit the scholarship application. The priority deadline is January 15th. The final scholarship deadline is May 1st.

Church Worker Assurance Program

The program assures $10,375 in gift aid for new students pursuing a certified Church Professional Program within the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod (LCMS). Any assistance given by the student’s congregation and LCMS district will stack on top of all institutional and need-based gift aid. This scholarship will be part of a student’s financial aid package. Students must be a member of an LCMS congregation and enrolled full time seeking a degree in a recognized Church Professional Program. Annual FAFSA submission is required. Students are to apply to federal and state agencies for financial assistance. Federal, state and institutional grant/scholarships received are considered part of the program. Application deadline is May 1st.

Church Vocation Scholarship

Students enrolled in a certified Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) Church Professional Program are eligible to receive this $1,000 annual scholarship. Any assistance given by the student’s congregation and LCMS district will stack on top of all awarded gift aid. This scholarship will be part of a student’s financial aid package, reducing need-based loans and work-study. Students must be enrolled full time and be degree seeking in a recognized Church Professional Program. Application deadline is May 1st.

Faculty & Leadership

Concordia St. Paul’s church work faculty all have advanced degrees and are some of the nation’s leading experts in urban ministry, Christian education, theology, Christian leadership and more.


Prof. Mark Koschmann

Pastor Koschmann is Concordia’s resident expert in urban outreach, missiology, and cross-cultural outreach. He joined Concordia’s faculty in the summer of 2015. In addition to teaching Christian outreach and theology students, Koschmann leads the mentoring program for the Hoffmann Institute in urban and cross-cultural outreach.

Dr. Mark Schuler

Dr. Mark Schuler is a Professor of Theology and Greek at Concordia. He teaches in the areas of Old and New Testament, Biblical Greek, archaeology, and survey courses. Dr. Schuler speaks frequently at conferences and public forums on archaeology, the Hippos excavations, the Galilean world of Jesus, the Gospels, and early Christianity.

Prof. Heath Lewis

Prof. Heath Lewis leads Concordia’s Christian Education programming. He is gifted at breaking down big concepts in to actionable steps, which serves him well in his new role at Concordia.

Dr. Rhoda Schuler

Dr. Rhoda Schuler teaches in the Concordia University Honors Program, in litteris fideque. Her focus is on service to the world and on ‘hearing the voices of the marginalized.’

Dr. Michele Pickel

Dr. Michele Pickel has been teaching future educators at Concordia since 1998. Prior to coming to Concordia, she taught in a variety of settings in Wis., Okla, Mont., and Mo., where her husband, Steve, served as DCE.

Dr. David Mennicke

Dr. David L. Mennicke is Professor of Music and Chair of the Concordia University, St. Paul Music Department, where he has been Director of Choral Studies since 1989.

Dr. Suzanne Hequet

Dr. Hequet has a passion for Church History, in particular the 16th century Reformation. This period marked the division of the Roman Catholic Church, a topic that Hequet researched in her book, The 1541 Colloquy at Regensburg: In Pursuit of Church Unity (2009).

Dr. David Lumpp

Dr. Lumpp has spoken and written for both academic and church audiences. He has written chapters for two popular books of Christian instruction, and edited another; and his devotional writings have appeared in two collections.

“At first I was a little hesitant because Concordia was in the ‘big city’ but now I’m extremely grateful for the prime location. I explored the city’s culture and events and was also able to volunteer at schools ranging from Spanish Immersion to public and private schools – all of these helped me experience diverse and eclectic opportunities.”

Liz Bartels ‘15 Lutheran Classroom Teacher Norwood Young America, MN