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Applied Math (Engineering Dual Degree)

Applied Math (Engineering Dual Degree)

Concordia University and the University of Minnesota are partners in the Dual Degree program, allowing you to earn both an Applied Math degree from Concordia and an Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota. Students in the program complete Concordia's general education curriculum along with significant coursework in math and science, leading to an Applied Mathematics degree from Concordia. After 2-3 years at Concordia with a minimum GPA in content coursework, students receive automatic acceptance into one of the 11 different engineering programs at the University of Minnesota, with the final 2-3 years of courses completed at the U of M campus. You'll work closely with both Concordia and Minnesota advisors to determine the best route to a timely completion of all requirements. Normal completion time for the dual degree program is five years.

There are many benefits to being dual degree student, including the opportunity to continue participation in extra-curricular offerings, including NCAA Division II athletics at Concordia. For further information view the dual degree engineering program from the University of Minnesota. Concordia's participation and courses HAVE BEEN approved, but please know that as we are new to the program, we may not yet be listed on the web page.

Applied Math/Engineering Careers

Academic institutions and research institutes
Aerospace and transportation equipment manufacturing
Chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing
Computer information and software
Energy systems
Engineering research
Government labs, research offices and agencies
Medical devices

Additional education may be required for most careers listed


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