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WKP100 WKP100 Basic Creative Scrapbooking

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WKP103 WKP103 American Musical Theater

This workshop is an overview of the development of American musical theatre and examines the place of musical theater in American popular culture. This workshop will begin with an examination of selected major Broadway musicals tracing back roots to beginning with European operetta (briefly) and concluding with the concept musical of the 1970s and popular trends of American Musical Theatre today. The course will focus upon historical context, analysis of the different musical elements, and the

WKP104 WKP104 The Rock and Roll Music Genre

This workshop will present the history of the American Rock�n Roll genre from the beginning and will examine its history from its clear pre-origins in the 19th Century, through the first great maturation of Rock music around 1970 (the era in which this music transformed from an artifact of youth culture into an art form), and beyond to the contemporary Rock scene of the 2010s. This course aims to explore Rock in context and the way we individually construct it to be.

WKP105 WKP105 Making Career Choices

This career development workshop helps participants identify the necessary skills and attidutes to achieve career and life satisfaction.

WKP106 WKP106 Thinking in Patterns & Loops:

This course will teach you how to think about complex situations in your personal and professional life. Do you ever think that the same thing keeps happening over and over again? Learn why! Are there unintended consequences? Learn what they are!

WKP107 WKP107 Dealing with Change

Whether you are dealing with changes yourself or leading others through change, there are often challenges. In this course you will learn some of the predictable challenges and patterns of behavior associated with change. You�ll also learn strategies for navigating them.

WKP108 WKP108 Generational Diversity

In this course, you will learn why you share common thinking with others born in the years surrounding your birth year. How do the events of our childhood impact us? How do the beliefs of our parents shape us? What are the characteristics of the various generational cohorts, and how can we better understand their thinking. Learn the historical evidence for generational thinking and what the future might hold in store for the next generations!

WKP109 WKP109 Understanding Business Strat

How do businesses think strategically? How do you? What factors need to be considered? How can they be evaluated for effectiveness? We�ll use the popular board game Monopoly � as the basis for thinking about strategy, its usefulness, and its importance.

WKP399 WKP399 Dev App Prac ECE

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