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University Honors in litteris fideque Capstone: Building for Eternity

In the capstone, you will come together with other graduating Honors students during your last spring semester at Concordia University, St. Paul, to tie together what you have learned during your first two years in the University Honors Program with what you have learned in your specific major. The purpose of this class is to tie the thread of faith and learning through your core classes for your major and to continue it through your future plans.

In Building for Eternity, you will be required to choose a book in which you can demonstrate effective themes from your major as well as faith and learning and you will present your ideas to the class. In addition, you will be required to read some of the other books of your peers and to reflect on them for the benefit of those in the class who did not have a chance to read the book. You will also have the opportunity to meet with the Poehler lecturer before and after her or his speech, as well as attend the speech, in order to draw connections from the speaker's thoughts to faith and learning in your own life. The final portion of this course will consist of writing your five year plan, keeping in mind clear goals in which you wish to incorporate faith and learning into your future.


Dr. Paul Hillmer with the members of the Epsilon class who graduated in 2013:
Jonathan Erber, Dr. Hillmer, Leah Markham, Christian Muters



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