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Accounting Major Courses

College: Business & Organizational Leadership
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Major: Accounting

Required: 58 credits Credits Semester Offered
Prerequsities (not counted in major credit total)
ECO101 Macroeconomics 4 Fa/Sp
MAT110 Introduction to Probability & Statistics 3 Fa/Sp/Su
First Year (4 credits)
ECO102 Microeconomics 2 Fa/Sp
MAN120 Basics of Business  2 Fa/Sp
Second Year (10 credits)
ACC201 Principles of Accounting I 4 Fa
ACC202 Principles of Accounting II 4 Sp
MAN201 Business Analytics 2 Fa/Sp
Third Year (24 credits)
ACC311 Intermediate Accounting I 4 Fa
ACC312 Intermediate Accounting II 4 Sp
FIN301 Corporate Finance I 4 Fa/Sp
LAW401 Legal Environment of Business 2 Fa/Sp
MAN301 Organizational Behavior 4 Fa/Sp
MAR301 Principles of Marketing 4 Fa/Sp
MAN302 Operations & Quality Management 2 Fa/Sp
Fourth Year (20 credits)
ACC411 Advanced Accounting 4 Sp
ACC412 Auditing 4 Sp
ACC413 Cost Accounting 4 Fa
LAW411 Federal Income Tax 4 Fa
MAN401 Business Strategy and Ethics 4 Sp
Checklist for Fulfillment of Degree Requirements (see catalog for overview of all requirements)
□  Complete 128 total credits □  Earn cumulative GPA of 2.0
□  Complete all General Education requirements □  Earn 2.5 GPA in major courses
□  Complete 58 credits required major courses □  Earn a C or better in transfer courses
□  Complete Major Field Test □  Earn a grade of C or better in ACC201 and ACC202

Accurate as of 11/2013


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