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Graphic Design Major Courses

College Arts & Sciences
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Major: Design - Graphic Design Emphasis

Prerequesites (not counted in major credit total) Credits Semester Offered
ART102 2D Design   3 Fa
ART103 3D Design   3 Sp
ART105 Color Theory 3 Sp
ART111 Drawing I 3 Fa
ART271 Survey of Western Art 1 3 Fa
ART272 Survey of Western Art 2 3 Sp
Required (43-44  credits) Credits Semester Offered
ART241 OR Photography 1 3 Fa/Sp
ART342 Digital Photography 2 Sp
ART282 Graphic Design 1 3 Fa
ART284 Graphic Imagery 3 Fa
ART382 Graphic Design II 3 Fa
ART383 Web Design 3 Sp
ART384 Typography 1 3 Sp
ART472 19th & 20th Century  Art & Design 4 Sp
ART482 Graphic Design 3 4 Fa/Sp
ART484 Typography 2 4 Fa
ART485 Graphic Design Senior Projects 1 4 Fa/Sp
ART486 Graphic Design Senior Projects 2 4 Sp
ART491 Theories in Contemporary Art 3 Fa
ART498 Design Internship 3 Fa/Sp
Electives (1-2 credits) to total 45 credits Credits Semester Offered
Any 200-level or above ART course not used to meet the above requirements.
MAR301 Principles of Marketing 4 Fa
Checklist for Fulfillment of Degree Requirements (see catalog for overview of all requirements)
□  Complete 128 total credits □  Complete all General Education requirements (47-54 credits)
□  Complete 45 required graphic design major credits □  Complete Senior Outcome
□  Earn cumulative GPA of 2.0 □  Earn 2.5 GPA in minor courses


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