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Student Financial Services

All student account, billing, and financial aid information is handled through the Student Financial Services department at Concordia University. Each student is assigned a financial aid counselor who can provide guidance and answer any questions.

To determine your Financial Aid Counselor:

  • Select the "Financial Aid and Billing" tab and locate your counselor

Student Financial Services is located in the Lutheran Memorial Center on Concordia's campus and can be reached at 651-641-6300 or


Student Accounts

Using CSPConnect

CSPConnect is the online tool that gives you access to:

  • Schedule
  • Billing Information
  • Financial Aid Awards
  • Transcript/Grades
  • Advising and Student Support Services


Holds may be placed on a student's account for a variety of reasons. Most holds can be resolved with Student Financial Services by submitting the required documents or paying the past due tuition amount. Other holds will need to be resolved with the issuing department.

  • To view if there are any hold(s) on your student account, please log into CSPConnect » Financial Aid and Billing » View Holds (left column, bottom)

A hold may prevent the following:

  • Grades
  • Transcripts
  • Registration
  • Diploma

Example Hold:

Student Account Hold

Required steps to remove the hold(s):

  • Pay $100.00 - (remove first hold)
  • Submit a completed Financial Arrangement Form - (removes second hold)
  • Complete an Immunization Form - (removes third hold)
  • Pay $5.00 and present the receipt to the Library - (removes fourth hold)
  • Supply an Official Transcript to the Registrar's Office - (removes fifth hold)

Financial Hold
Students who have been placed on Financial Hold will:

  • Not be registered and allowed attendance for the next term
  • Have access to Blackboard disabled
  • Have all of financial aid canceled for the next term
  • Have to start repaying all student loans
  • Not receive any grades, transcripts or their diploma
  • Have Veteran benefits discontinued
  • Be subject to finance charges and or late fees
  • Be responsible for payment of all costs associated for the collection of the student's account. Fees may include interest charges, collection fees, and attorney's fees.
  • Not be retroactively registered for any courses missed. The student will need to contact their academic advisor to make up missed courses.


All students are provided a monthly e-bill - an electronic bill e-mailed as a PDF document to the assigned email account. E-bills are sent on or around the 15th of the month.

Balance must be paid in full by the due date listed on the bill.

Outstanding balances are considered past due. Past Due accounts will be assessed a 1% finance charge, and be placed on a student account AR (Accounts Receivable) Hold. Please plan accordingly.

Note: Concordia reserves the right to modify your payment plan in accordance with the chosen program costs and duration.

Tuition and Fees

Each cohort is assigned a per credit rate. This rate is guaranteed for the duration of the original cohort.

If a student switches cohorts, they will be subject to the current rate per credit.

Tuition Rates and Fees:

Please download the Financial Arrangement Form. This form must be filled out and on file. Completion of this form is mandatory for all students.

Tuition Payment Plans

How Will I Pay My Bill?

  1. Please refer to the Bills section for details on e-bills.
  2. Students may pay online, by mail, or in person.
  • Cash, Check Payable to "Concordia University," Credit Card: MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
  • Online - Make a payment online 24/7 by credit card or a bank transfer from a checking or savings account online
  • By Mail - Check or money order to: (please include Concordia ID number)
    Concordia University Saint Paul
    NW 5884
    P.O. Box 1450
    Minneapolis, MN 55485-5884
  • In person - Check, money order, or cash at the cashier's window on campus.
    Cashier Hours: 8am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

Note: Concordia reserves the right to modify your payment plan in accordance with the chosen program costs and duration.

Please contact Student Financial Services at (651) 603-6300 or with any questions.


Financial Aid

Forms Needed Each Academic Year

Students will be notified if additional information is required.

Financial Aid Process

An award letter will be sent to your home address when all the forms are received by Student Financial Services, and you have been accepted to the University.

You will need to complete additional information for student loans (promissory notes, loan counseling). Please read all the information that comes with your award letter carefully.

Financial Aid is awarded and disbursed to your account each semester.

Loan funds are sent directly to Concordia 2-3 weeks after each semester begins.

Read everything carefully. If you miss a deadline you may disqualify yourself from certain types of aid.

Grants are credited at the beginning of each semester.

Things to Remember about Your Financial Aid

Loans are split evenly among terms, even if tuition charges are not.

There can be three terms per year:
Fall (August - December)
Spring (January - May)
Summer (May - August)

Classes are grouped by semester. You will be at least a half-time student each semester.

Financial Aid is awarded based on Academic year (August to July).
Fall (August - December)
Spring (January - May)
Summer (May - August)

For upcoming years, apply ASAP after your taxes are completed.

If your financial aid exceeds tuition, you will have the overage sent to you via electronic funds transfer with 14 days of the credit appearing on your account. To ensure the funds go to your account please complete the Direct Deposit form.

Watch semester costs compared to aid are disbursed in equal amounts, but semester costs will vary and may exceed awarded aid.

Adding or dropping credits will affect your eligibility for financial aid, you will need to notify us if your enrollment changes.

Financial aid awards and related processing matters are subject to change at any time with or without consent of recipient. WARNING: Purposely providing false or misleading information may lead to permanent disqualification from all higher education funding sources, monetary fines and/or incarceration.

What is the Maximum I Can Borrow in Stafford Loans?

Dependent Students

  • Freshman (0-32 credits earned) $5,500
  • Sophomore (32-63 credits earned) $6,500
  • Junior & Seniors (64 or more credits earned) $7,500

Independent Students
(These amounts are in addition to the amounts in the Dependent category)

  • Freshman +$4,000
  • Sophomore +$4,000
  • Junior & Seniors +$5,000

Using Financial Aid for Payment

Financial aid must be awarded, and all paperwork must be complete.

Any charges, over and above the financial aid amount, are due on the date(s) determined by your selected payment option.

Other Resources

  • Corporation for National and Community Service
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Business or civic organizations scholarships
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Grants
  • State Divisions of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Health and Human Services Loan and Scholarship Programs

Private Scholarship Search:

Non Federal loans - Alternative Loans

  • Visit FASTChoice for information about available alternative loans
  • Private educational loans are available
  • Interest rate varies by lender
  • Interest DOES accrue while in school
  • Payments deferred until after graduation
  • Can pre-pay at any time


Military Benefits

When Will I Receive My Benefits?

Certification processing at the VA Regional Office is currently taking about 8-10 weeks, depending on the time of the semester. We suggest and recommend applying for Financial Aid in addition to your benefits to help cover educational costs, as benefits may not arrive before the due date(s).

If you have specific questions regarding payment amounts, please contact the VA General Educational Benefits line at 1-888-442-4551. We are not able to answer payment questions. If you call and they say they do not "see" your certification, it does not mean that it has not been submitted, it just means they have not processed the payment yet.

When Will My Classes at Concordia be Certified?

If you are a Traditional student, your courses will be certified after the drop/add period (first ten days of class) is over for the term. Please contact us as you start your first term to make sure all documents are in order. Also, if you add or drop a second half semester or Continuing Studies course after this date, it is your responsibility to notify us.

If you are a Cohort student, your cohort courses will be certified right after they are registered. Your first term is registered about two weeks before the start of class and subsequent terms are registered about a month before the new term starts. Please contact us about two weeks before your first term to verify that we have you listed as a VA student on the cohort class list.

If you take or drop a Continuing Studies course at any time, it is your responsibility to notify our office, so that we may adjust your certification accordingly. These courses are not automatically certified.

How Do I Get My G.I. Benefits Started?

Fill out the information form and follow instructions for submitting any applications or forms to the VA or to Student Financial Services that apply to your situation.

What If I Have More Questions?

Further resources are available on VA's website at This is where the initial application for benefits also resides.

The General Educational Benefits line at 1-888-442-4551 is another resource. If your question is more related to the courses here and your certification, contact the Certifying Officials in Student Financial Services.

Please feel free to stop in at any time with questions or just to meet us.

GI Bill Benefits/Certifying Official: Alan Stage - or (651) 641-8805


Third Party Billing and Tuition Assistance

Concordia participates under what is called Third Party Billing.

Concordia will credit a student account for an authorized amount that is guaranteed to be paid by an outside organization. We will then bill/invoice the accompanying organization on behalf of the student's tuition.

Concordia will attempt to collect funds for three attempts, after which it then becomes the responsibility of the student to clear the balance.

Some authorization examples include but are not limited to DA FORM 2171- E, AF FORM 1227 - E, CGI FORM 1560, etc.

Please consult your organization to see if you qualify. Please note that it is also your responsibility to submit these forms to Concordia on a timely basis.

Student accounts will be treated like normal accounts until official authorized documents are received.

For assistance, please contact Student Financial Services at or (651) 603-6300




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