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A Year in the Life of a Student

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A Year in the Life of a Student


Freshmen explore 24-hour freedom; excitement and anxiety of a new environment; frequent calls and visits home; homesickness; adjustment to class schedule and format; getting involved on campus, sometimes getting over-involved; Welcome Week activities; student-athletes explore bonds with teammates and coaches, begin practices/competition; testing the boundaries of balancing social and academic schedules; questioning “Do I fit in here?”


Roommate problems may begin to arise; first tests/papers returned; midterms; study skills and time management can have a strong impact; homecoming events; midterm exams; Mother-Daughter Day; Fall Break; positive or negative results of early semester habits are experienced.


Mid-term grades available; many exams and papers due before Thanksgiving; it’s wise to meet with an advisor and plan out the spring semester, as registration takes place in November; develop comfort in routines, friends, expectations, etc.; restless excitement and/or anxiety about going home for Thanksgiving; financial stress; first series of campus-wide illness (cold, flu).


Christmas Concert performances; anxiety over preparations for finals; excitement and/or anxiety regarding going home for holidays; sadness about leaving college friends; first-year college students may have to readjust to family and friends and may not even have the same bedroom as when they left.


Many students away from campus for student-teaching, studying abroad, or internship; satisfaction and/or disappointment with first semester grades; return to campus for spring semester; feeling of optimism about new start; loneliness for relationships at home; relief to be back at school; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


Possible “winter blues”; students looking for summer/fall internships; seniors worry about life after graduation; Valentine's Day brings out celebration, potentially loneliness; spring break: service trips, vacation with friends, return home to visit; return to a sense of normalcy and routine in schedules.


Mid-term exams stress; start to think of summer employment; efforts to get out and explore Twin Cities’ sights and entertainment to help ease cabin fever; concern over winter weight gain; Easter Break.


Excitement with the arrival of spring; end-of-the-semester pressures looming; planning and registration for next fall semester; seniors’ reality of graduation hits, begin thinking about job prospects; disenchantment with normal services such as food service and residential life; special events to celebrate student life in the spring, such as Knollapalooza.


Final exams/papers anxiety; concerns for summer employment and returning home; sadness over leaving friends or relationships.


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