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ESC440 Research In Astronomy

Subject: ESC
Course Number: 440
Credits: 1 Credits
Available Online: No
The course applies the observational nature of astronomy to the study of astronomical objects. Students can elect to take the course for 1�4 credits depending on the studies selected. Studies can involve projects applicable to students from elementary to adult. Studies can involve observation with or without instrumentation. Studies can include use of a 35 mm camera with or without a telescope, use of binoculars, use of a telescope (8 inch or 14 inch reflector) and use of a CCD camera with a telescope for taking digital pictures of the sky. Each of the studies includes a literature search and report. The course is applicable to anyone majoring in education, religion, art, science, or having an interest in astronomy. (Prerequisite: ESC140 or ESC340)
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