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Ldrshp & Mgmt in Nursing

Subject: NUR
Course Number: 400
Credits: 4 Credits
Available Online: No
This course is focused on development of leadership and management skills necessary for effective nursing practice. Theories of leadership and management are introduced, and management roles and functions reviewed. An overview of finance and healthcare reimbursement will be provided along with nursing�s contribution to organizational finance explored. Collaboration and communication with interdisciplinary teams will be analyzed, and students will practice strategies for negotiation and conflict resolution. The role of the nurse within micro and macro systems of healthcare organizations will be explored. The purpose of the mission, vision, philosophy, and values in relation to organizational structure and nursing�s role will be examined. The contributions of nursing and the nurse leader in creating and supporting a culture of safety and caring will be analyzed. Quality improvement models and structure, process, and outcome measures are explore d with a focus on patient safety principles and care standards.
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