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Community Health Nursing

Subject: NUR
Course Number: 460
Credits: 4 Credits
Available Online: No
This course focuses on the role of the nurse providing population focused nursing care supporting clinical prevention. The history of community health will be reviewed and contrasted with the current roles in community health nursing. Concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, epidemiology, environmental health and emergency/disaster preparedness are explored. Health policy will be analyzed within and outside the United States and as to its impact on health disparities, health, the healthcare experience, and cultural competence of those delivering the care. The Christian ethic of social justice will be further examined as it relates to populations and reducing health disparities. A practice experience designed to meet the requirements for the Minnesota Board of Nursing Public Health Nursing Registration is included, which involves completion of a community health assessment. In addition, a proposed public health program with population focused nursing interventions will be identified through collaboration with community agencies. Lastly, measureable health-related outcomes for the community/population assessed will be identified.
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