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Corp Resp & Ethical Comm

Subject: COM
Course Number: 610
Credits: 3 Credits
Available Online: Yes
This course provides professionals with a clear understanding of the ethical theories and moral philosophies that relate to ethical decision making in a variety of communication contexts including: organizational, mediated, mass media, and interpersonal communication. The course will examine the components and hindrances of good ethical decision-making in communication. Professionals will learn how to think critically, gain sensitivity in using appropriate language, express their reasoning clearly both in written and verbal communication, and to research the role of communication in the creation of corporate culture. Through case studies, readings and visits from local executives during class, professionals are exposed to ethical issues that arise in communication and are required to argue and analyze the ethical dilemmas they will encounter in the working world. Learners will gain skills in assessing ethical risk to organizations in the publ ic sphere and develop insights into their personal philosophies.
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