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Young Child with Special Need

Subject: ECE
Course Number: 425
Credits: 2 Credits
Available Online: No
This course is designed to introduce students to the laws and techniques needed to develop curricula and instruction to meet the unique needs of individual children in the early childhood setting. Emphasis is given to the integration of theories, research, practical application, and promotion of collaboration between early childhood professionals, special educators, and parents. Particular attention is given to authentic assessment which informs instruction, program planning, and individualization of activities. Also included is the presentation and discussion of the theory of behavior guidance in an inclusive early childhood classroom. May be taken in lieu of ED439. If so, 25+ human relations hours working with students with disabilities are required. This course, like all early childhood courses, includes the themes of developmentally and culturally appropriate practices, play, behavior guidance and partnerships with parents. (Pr erequisite: PSY210)
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