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Constructing Life Exp Essays

Subject: LSC
Course Number: 203
Credits: 3 Credits
Available Online: No
This course teaches students how to construct Life Experience Essays, essays that demonstrate significant real-life learning at a college-equivalent level and may earn college course credit. This course emphasizes understanding and use of the Kolb Model of Experiential Learning. Students will complete guided practice activities utilizing each of the four stages of the Kolb Model. Students will also learn how to identify significant learning experiences, categorize their life experience within general college course areas, and evaluate their learning for credit. Upon successful completion of this course, students will possess the necessary skills to write and submit Life Experience Essays for credit evaluation. This course teaches a model and a process with significant practice and feedback. This is not a writing course, so it is expected that students will have college-level writing skills and a basic understanding of APA formatting and c itation.This course prepares students to write and submit Life Experience Essays, but submitting actual Life Experience Essays for additional credit is NOT part of this course..
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