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Cult Competency/Chem Depend

Subject: PSY
Course Number: 333
Credits: 4 Credits
Available Online: No
This course offers in-depth analysis of cultural issues within the field of chemical dependency. It will explore themes of specific subgroups which Minnesota guidelines have identified as critical for chemical dependency treatment professionals: Native American Issues, Asian American Issues, Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Issues, Chicano/Latino Issues, Disability Issues, African-American Issues. There will be an overview of alcohol and drug counseling focusing on the transdisciplinary foundations of alcohol and drug counseling and providing an understanding of theories of chemical dependency, the continuum of care, and the process of change. The course will address the pharmacology of substance abuse disorders and the dynamics of addiction. This will include issues among the subgroups as it relates to chemical dependency, including attitudes toward medication, response to medication, and other themes.
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