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Concordia University, St. PaulFaculty & Staff Directory


Akinde Fakuajo, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Term Faculty of Education

Allaire, Claud Adjunct Instructor - Sport Management


Baas, Dr. Sally Director of SEAT Program

Bakke, Ph.D., Leanne Professor of Biology

Baumgart, Janice Coordinator of Learning Assistance

Becker, Milissa Director of Human Resources

Beilke, Dr. Debra English and Modern Languages Department Chairperson

Benson, Richard Instructor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences and Teacher Education

Betinis, Abbie Adjunct Professor of Music

Booher, Angela Adjunct Faculty

Bradley, Tim Adjunct Professor of French Horn

Bransford, Dr. Kristin Professor of Psychology

Breitbarth, Jonathan Director of Computer Services

Brosnahan Ph.D., Amanda Assistant Professor of Biology

Brown, Jerrod Adjunct Professor

Brynteson, Dr. Richard Professor of Organizational Management

Bujak, Ewa Adjunct Professor of Violin and Viola

Buns, Dr. Matthew Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Burger, Jeanne Adjunct Professor in Nursing

Burger, Ed.S., Phyl Instructor of Education

Burkart, Dr. Jeffery Emeritus Professor of Educational Media/Communications
Artist in Residence
Director of Drama Ministry & Special Projects

Bussey, Ben Adjunct Professor of Low Brass


Cafferty, TJ Partnership Liaison

Chatman Ed.D, Dr. Cheryl Executive Vice President

Christian - DNP, RN, PHN, Josanne Assistant Professor of Nursing

Connor, Michael Term Faculty of Criminal Justice

Cornell, Iris Adjunct Nursing Faculty

Corrie, Dr. Bruce Associate Vice President for University Relations and International Programs

Craig, Kimberly Associate Vice President of Cohort Enrollment Management


Daniels, Brad Adjunct Professor

Davidson, Anders Adjunct Professor

Dooley, Sean Michael Adjunct Professor in Theatre

Dorner, Rev. Dr. Michael Vice President for Finance

Dowdal-Osborn, Dr. Megan Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

Dregni, Eric Associate Professor of English

DuFresne, John Term Faculty of Graphic Design Art


Elsbernd, Jerome Adjunct Professor of Voice

Esping, Laura Adjunct Professor of Acting

Evans, Brian Director of Marketing & Communications


Fahy, Alison Adjunct Professor of String Ensemble

Fischer, Katie Instructor of Kinesiology

FitzPatrick, Theresa Director of the Writing Center

Fletcher, Melissa Director of Student Accessibility Services

Flottemesch, Mrs. Kim Associate Professor of Communication Studies,

Fraser, Charles Adjunct Professor of Improvisation and Acting


Gehl, Robin Adjunct Professor

Gehrke, Dr. Lynn Chair - Department of Undergraduate Teacher Education

Glynn, Ms. Elizabeth Term Faculty of Sociology

Goettl, Heidi Residence Life Manager

Gundermann, Rev. Tom CSP Pastor


Haag, Dr. Samuel Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Hackett, Dr. Nancy Professor of English

Hall, Dr. Kevin Dean of the College of Business

Hampton, Phillip Term Faculty of Finance

Hanson, Dr. Thomas Professor of Management and Law

Harr, Diane Assistant Professor of Special Education

Harrison, Ph.D., Benjamin Assistant Professor of Biology

Harrower, Dr. Nancy Associate Professor of Marketing and Management

Heilman, Anne Administrative Assistant

Helmstetter, Ph.D., Donald Director

Hequet, Dr. Suzanne Term Faculty of Theology

Hill, Mark Vice President for Advancement

Hillestad, Derek Adjunct Professor

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Hillmer, Dr. Paul Professor of History and Political Science

Huberty, Dr. Lana Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Humes, Zachary Lighting and Sound Supervisor

Hunder, Stephanie Professor of Art

Huntley, Ms. Debra Term Faculty of Psychology


Ibrahim DeVries Ph. D., Dr. Basma Professor of Communications Studies

Isakson, Aaron Adjunct Professor of Concert Band


Jahn, Dr. Sarah Associate Professor of Mathematics

Johnson, Peter Instructor

Johnson, Dr. Shani Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

Jones, Jayne Adjunct Professor


Keller - MN, RN, CPNP, OCN, Claire Nursing Faculty

Kennard, Jennifer Adjunct Professor of Flute

Kennedy, Nathan Term Faculty of Music

Klempka, Carol Term Faculty of Business Leadership

Knoche, Dr. Charlotte Director of Library Services

Koschmann, Mark Fiechtner Chair in Christian Outreach
Instructor in Theology & Missiology

Krueger, Rachel Term Faculty of Mathematics

Krueger, Dr. Robert Chair of Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Kudelka, Christine Term Faculty of Marketing Management


Lammers, Paula Adjunct Professor of Contemporary Singing Styles

LaMott, Dr. Eric Provost and Chief Operating Officer

Langlois, Kristina Adjunct Professor of Organ/University Organist

Levin, Oleg Adjunct Professor of Piano

Levine, Jeff Adjunct Professor

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Lewis, DCE, Heath Faculty

Lien, Mr. Craig Associate Dean of the College of Business

Livingston, Don Adjunct Professor of Harpsichord

Lojovich, Jeanne Assistant Director Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Lotegeluaki, Mr. Samuel Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Luebke, Dr. Miriam Associate Vice President for Assessment and Accreditation

Lumpp, Dr. David Professor of Theology and Ministry


Mach, Ph.D., Taylor Term Professor of Chemistry

Maly, Lonn Dean

Manderscheid, Dr. Steven Associate Professor of Organizational Management

Mathis, Carolynne Adjunct Professor of Handbells

Matthias, Kelly Director of the Center for Community Action

Matthys, Amy Adjunct Professor in Nursing

Mayer, Andrea Career Development

Mayrhofer, Renata Instructor of Business Management

Mennicke, Dr. David Professor of Music

Morey, Melissa Adjunct Professor of French Horn

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Morgan, Dr. Stephen Social and Behavioral Sciences Chairperson

Moulzolf, Heather Instructor of Nursing

Murray, Monica Associate Professor of Music


Nadeau, Colleen Business Adjunct


Ogren, Jeana Accompanist

Orchard, Jim Facility Manager


Parker, Jennifer Adjunct Professor of Contemporary Singing Styles

Parker, Nancy Adjunct Professor of Choral Literature

Peck, Jeanie Director of Financial Aid

Peter, Beth Director of Administrative Computing

Pickel, Dr. Michele Professor of Teacher Education

Preuss - MSN, RN, Janiel Nursing Faculty

Puffer, Jan Term Faculty in Theatre and Dance


Rahn, Jason Associate Vice President for Student Life

Reineck, Dr. Marilyn Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ries, Rev. Dr. Thomas Concordia University President

Robicheau, Mr. Jerry Term Faculty of Education

Rock, Dr. Jean Assistant Professor of Organizational Management

Rosenwinkel, Mr. Mark Department of Theatre and Dance Chairperson

Ross, Dr. Steve Associate Professor of Sport Management

Rossmiller, Adam Adjunct Faculty

Rounsville - MSN, RN, Janet Nursing Faculty

Rubin, Jennifer Adjunct Professor of String Bass

Rundquist, Dr. Peter Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Ryan, Matt Assistant Professor of English


Saal - MSN, RN, Kendra Nursing Faculty

Sarkar, Dr. Sanjay Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

Saylor, Dr. Thomas Professor of History

Schewe, Sharon Residence Life Manager

Schimming, Paul Adjunct Professor of Clarinet

Schuessler, Dr. Joel Associate Professor of Information Technology in Management

Schuler, Dr. Mark Department of Theology and Ministry Chairperson

Schuler, Dr. Rhoda Term Faculty in Religion

Schwalm, Shelly Director of Church Relations

Seerup, Mark Adjunct Professor of Oboe

Seimiya Senn, Takako Adjunct Professor of Trumpet

Shearer, Laura Adjunct Professor - Sport Management

Siebert, Mr. Barry Term Faculty of Accounting

Sierralta, Alonso Adjunct Faculty

Simunds, Erin Instructor of Physical Therapy

Speer, Shari Term Faculty in Music

Squires, Toni Registrar

Starks, Dr. Suzanne Associate Professor of Education


Tewes, Debbie Program Assistant - Graduate Teacher Education

Thor, PaNhia Controller

Titus, Anthony Guitar Faculty


Vandenberg, Dr. Lyndsey Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

Vargas, Wendy Director of Student Success Center

Vermeland, Cate Term Faculty in Art

Vogel, Kristin Associate Vice President of Traditional Enrollment Management

Vraa, Dr. Matthew Term Faculty Physical Therapy


Walcheski, Dr. Michael Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies

Walther, Gretchen Director of Academic Advising

Wanamaker, Ph.D., Carolyn Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Wang, Hong Adjunct Professor

Weinkauf, Ervin Instructor of Criminal Justice

Wentz - MSN, RN, PHN, OCN , Megan Nursing Faculty

White, Bill Adjunct Professor of Vocal Jazz

White, Kim Adjunct Professor of Music Education

Williams, Keith Department of Art Chairperson

Winegarden, Dr. Alan Department of Communication Studies Chairperson

Wise, Ph.D., Derek Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Wissink, Ms. Barbara Assistant Professor in Education

Woodard, Dr. David Director of the Faculty Scholarship Center


Xiong, Lee Pao Director of the Center for Hmong Studies


Yang Ph.D., Mary Ann Associate Professor of Biology


Zastrow, Jodi Instructor & BS-Nursing (Degree Completion) Program Curriculum Chair