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Convocation - "Christ is Honored, All are Welcome", Sept. 19


Start: Wednesday, September 19, 2012
from 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM


Concordia University’s Promise statement includes the phrase “. . . where Christ is honored, all are welcome . . . “  Concordia is a Christian university in the Lutheran tradition with a reputation for welcoming students from many Christian denominations and non-Christian religious backgrounds, as well as those who profess no religious affiliation at all.  

At Concordia, what does it mean that Christ is honored?  What does it mean that all are welcome?  How has Concordia lived out this part of its Promise in the past and how will it continue to live it out in the future?  What challenges and opportunities does the Concordia community encounter as it lives out this Promise?  Concordia University President Tom Ries offers his perspective on these questions followed by small group discussions intended to allow individuals to share their perspectives with each other.  The goal of the convocation is for participants to speak, listen, learn and grow in a dialogue with each other around this important part of the Concordia Promise.


Beunger Education Center

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