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Help Concordia Uncover its Promise

Concordia is involved in the process Uncover the Promise ℠ to help uncover what is compelling, differentiating and true about the University.

What is a promise?:
A promise is what is compelling, differentiating and true about Concordia. Compelling is important because it causes people to act. Differentiating is important because it answers the question, "why you and not someone else." True is important so that when people engage with us, they find their experience to be in line with the promise we make. A promise builds trust, develops confidence and engages people; it is what makes relationships work.

Is promise the mission?:
A promise is different than a mission. Mission is what we are doing and why we exist. Promise is what the University will do for others as an outcome of the mission. A strong promise will move people toward action and help them have greater confidence in their involvement support. It will result in an increased response from various individuals and a focused strategy for operational action, centered on Concordia's key relationship strengths.

Why does CSP need to uncover its promise?:
In communicating and promoting Concordia, we often make it difficult for people to understand what promise we are making. We tend to talk about what we do or provide. Instead, we need to communicate about what impact we will have on the listener. We want to focus on what benefits we deliver and how their life will be different and better as a result of having a relationship with us.

Why now?:
In this digital age, we have more information available to us than at any other time in history. College-bound students and donors have more choices than ever before which makes it critical for leaders to communicate about their organizations with clarity and in a memorable way. Even with many technological communication methods, the most powerful communication is still making and keeping a promise.

How can I help?:
You can help us in this process by completing the online survey below or open the online survey in a new window. You may give as many answers to each question as you would like, but be as succinct and clear as you can. The survey will be available until Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011. Thank you for your help as we work to uncover our promise.


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