Concordia St. Paul News

July 11, 2013

Theatre Alumnus Entertains Abroad

Halfway across the world, Concordia alumnus Joshua Hinck (’11, Theatre Arts) adjusts an oversized belt buckle, tips the brow of his cowboy hat against a shining spotlight, and assures a gathered crowd that “they’ve got a friend in” him. The latest of his work endeavors has brought Joshua to Japan, where he recently extended his contract to perform at Tokyo Disney. The work is grueling with dress rehearsals that can start at 2:30 a.m., a demanding Japanese work ethic and the obvious cultural and language barriers.

“They take the work very seriously, but of course there is so much fun daily,” said Joshua. “I also have the chance to study Japanese, embrace seafood (I wouldn’t say I have the bravest stomach), and do some traveling, including a hiking trip to Mt. Fuji.”

Days of long hours and persisting through challenges became run of the mill for Joshua when he stepped on campus at Concordia. In addition to classroom instruction, Joshua dove into an array of Twin Cities performances, the support and flexibility of CSP faculty pushing him through days of running from rehearsal to class to rehearsal. He started Open Stage at CSP and soon put on his own show. The value of Joshua’s Concordia experience was in how he could quickly apply his lessons to his profession.

“My training at Concordia coincided with what I was learning while performing with professional companies. Because I was able to trust the professors, I was able to push myself past where I was comfortable,” said Joshua. “For this job in particular, I’m very thankful for the dance education I received from Jan (Puffer) and Nancy (Nair). Our brilliant Tokyo Disney choreographer is basically the Japanese Jan Puffer!”

Joshua is based out of New York City. His professional accomplishments include touring with Barney (yes, that Barney) in Barney Live, acting with several NYC theater companies, and writing and performing in the cabaret City Fairytale. You can view his website at