Concordia St. Paul News

August 23, 2012

Responsive. Relevant. Real. – Value

The value of a Concordia education

A college degree is an undoubted advantage in our society. But a degree from Concordia is more than a sheet of paper. Choose Concordia for the relevant expertise you’ll gain in your field, the relationships and connections you’ll utilize for decades to come, and the growth you’ll see, personally and professionally. The value of your Concordia degree will last a lifetime – and even better, Concordia is one of the most competitively priced private colleges in Minnesota.

Experience you won’t get anywhere else

Where you study matters. Concordia’s faculty, worldview and location create a student experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. Our faculty are knowledgeable instructors, but they’re also active professionals in their fields. What they’re doing and who they’re connected with off campus will directly benefit you.

And in our ever-global world, there’s no better private college in the Twin Cities to prepare you with the rich experiences you’ll need. We don’t put walls up around our campus blocks because, unlike other colleges, we know that the classroom extends into the real world. We’re blessed to have a community so culturally dynamic, globally successful, and chock full of opportunities. And our student body is one of the most diverse among Twin Cities private colleges – you’ll value the global reasoning and understanding that comes from studying among your diverse classmates.

Here are real examples of how CSP students are differentiating their education from others:

  • Dr. Mary Ann Yang’s neuron research team is conducting actual experiments for international nanofiber research
  • Dr. Jayne Jones and her public policy students are regulars at the capitol, where their proposed bills have been taken up (and passed!) by the legislature
  • Education majors like Kara Mitchell help our Somali neighbors learn English
  • Church work majors like Chris Zemple learn how to serve the needs of the 21st century church through internships at diverse churches and associations, locally and across the nation

Valuable education that’s affordable

2014 Pew Research findings about the rising cost of not going to college.
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Finally, let’s not forget about cost (Concordia was founded by thrifty Lutherans, after all, we can’t deny that price matters!). We know that college can be expensive, but at Concordia St. Paul, we don’t want it to be financially unattainable. So we made a commitment to affordability and transparency when we reset our tuition by $10,000.

The valuable experiences and career preparation of a Concordia degree is now an even better value.