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The Hmong Oral History Project

with the support of the Elder Council of the HAMAA,
the Hmong Cultural and Resource Center,
Concordia University's Center for Hmong Studies,
and Concordia University's Faculty Development Program

Dr. Paul Hillmer, Director
Peter Vang, Interviewer emeritus

The Hmong Oral History Project works to connect the younger generations of Hmong, and the broader communities in which many Hmong live, with resources describing Hmong culture in Laos, the Secret War in Southeast Asia, and stories of the Hmong immigrant experience, facilitating greater intercultural and intergenerational understanding.

***Released December 15, 2009: A People's History of the Hmong***
After accumulating a great deal of collective wisdom and insight through more than 200 oral history interviews, what should one do? Paul Hillmer wrote a book to share what he had learned. For reviews and other details, go to his home page.

If you know of someone whose memories should be preserved for future generations, please contact Paul Hillmer at

Introduction to Hmong History & Culture
Hmong Cultural and Resource Center
Hmong National DevelopmentWWW.Hmong Page
"Hmong Universe"
Gary Yia Lee's site
"The Hmong tragedy"
"Orphans of History" by the
Sacramento Bee
Nakhon Phanom site
Interview with Bill Lair
General Harry Aderholt's Ho Chi Minh trail Diary
Lao Veterans Association
Lao, Hmong and American Veterans Memorial
Center for Hmong Studies
Map of Laos
Lao Family
Hmong-Australian Resources
Hmong-Lao Human Rights
The Secret War in Laos
Norman Crocker's T-28 Site
Article by J. G. Learned
NPR's "Day to Day" piece on Jungle Fighters
Jim Ragsdale's Pioneer Press Series
Long Beach State's Oral History Files
Hmong Leadership: The traditional Model
D.C. Everest Oral History Project


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