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Nia Kustmann '13


Nia Kustmann

Nia Kustmann

Nia Kustmann
Exercise Science ‘13

"Being at a school where the professors know you by name and care about you is the kind of environment where I want to invest and receive my education."

One of the biggest advantages Concordia provided Nia was the ability to develop close relationships with her professors. "Being able to access your professors and speak to them personally is something that you normally would not get to do at a traditional university," said Nia. "I know you do not get that kind of attention anywhere else."

It wasn't only the one-on-one connections with the professors that helped Nia be successful; she credits Concordia's variety of technology as well. "Being able to access your grades and take quizzes online makes life so much easier," said Nia. "You do not have to wait for your scores and you can address any issues you have through email or chat session."

Ultimately, Nia recognized the value of her personal relationships with her professors when she said, "Being at Concordia, you're treated as a person with a name, and not just another number."


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