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Martin Thurber '08


Martin Thurber

Martin Thurber

Martin Thurber graduated from the Information Technology and Management program at Concordia University St. Paul in 2008. He received high honors while still being able to spend time with his family. Martin's father had enrolled at Concordia years ago but was then drafted in to the military, which made Martin's degree even more valuable. After graduating, Martin received a 30% wage increase.

"After I graduated, my father told me how proud he was of me for obtaining a degree.  He shared a story with me at that time which changed the whole meaning of my degree from Concordia. When he graduated from high school, he wanted to attend Concordia and was accepted but never got a chance to attend as he enrolled in the Air Force before the draft came to his door. My graduation from Concordia achieved many things, but none more so than making my father proud."


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