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Organizational Management and Leadership - Jearlyn Steele


Jearlyn Steele

Jearlyn Steele

Jearlyn Steele
BA – Organizational Management and Leadership

After seeing two children and her husband through their college degrees, Jearlyn Steele thought it might finally be her turn. An acclaimed performer, speaker and radio talk show host, Jearlyn already enjoyed career success, but she harbored regrets about not completing her bachelor’s degree.

“Education is serious business, worthy of our undivided attention, but it’s not easy providing that attention when you have careers, families and parents to look after,” Jearlyn said.

Concordia’s accelerated adult undergraduate program paved the way for Jearlyn to pursue her educational goals in a way that allowed her to balance her home life, work and school. She enjoyed being part of a cohort, a learning group of 10-20 students that stays together throughout the program.

“Hands down, the secret to balancing work, school and home life lies within the cohort,” Jearlyn said. “We encourage one another, see about one another and inspire one another. We respect one another’s opinions and value our differences.”

A blended program, which alternates between online and in-class meetings, gave Jearlyn the best of both worlds. “Being on campus made me feel I was a part of the campus heartbeat,” she said, “but I could still post to the online discussion boards from the comfort of my own home.”

For Jearlyn, returning to college has been a rewarding and enriching experience. “Concordia University is all that I hoped it would be: caring, knowledgeable and engaging professors and staff who truly care that I succeed.”


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