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Career Services

  • Career Services

Concordia Career Services serves ALL students and alumni for life through individual career coaching, assessments, career class, specialized programs and events, online jobboard, employer recruiting, job fairs and more on a full range of academic and career topics.

Whether you are an online, graduate, undergraduate or cohort student, Career Services is here to help maximize your Concordia education for current and future career satisfaction. Selected topics include:

Majors or Academic Programs
  • Choosing or changing a major or academic program
  • Investigating what you can do with specific majors or programs
Self Understanding - Assessments
  • Understanding how your interests relate to a potential major or career direction
  • Learning how your personality impacts potential work environments or job functions
  • Discovering how your unique talents can set you apart to an employer
  • Finding a major and career that fit who you are and how you are wired
World of Work
  • Increasing your knowledge about the world of work, industries, sectors, occupations
  • Deepening your knowledge about specific occupational areas, job titles, functional areas
  • Advancing your ability to research employers, salaries, industry trends, key people
  • Understanding why internships are so important into today’s employment environment
  • Finding internships that most fit your major and career goals
  • Maximizing your internship experiences to increase opportunities and connections
Professional Skills
  • Strengthening the quality of your resumes and cover letters
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to represent yourself, search for professionals and increase your connections
  • Effectively communicating with prospective employers and organizations
  • Optimizing your engagement with professional associations
  • Increasing your interviewing and networking abilities
Job Search
  • Optimizing the 3-4 most effective job search strategies
  • Managing a career change or career advancement opportunity
  • Negotiating salary while maintaining key relationships

Connecting with Career Services

Appointments are available in-person or by phone M-F 8:00-4:30 and evenings by arrangement.
Call 651-603-6245 to schedule a convenient time or ask a quick question.
Event information can be found on the Career Services website.

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