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Counseling Services

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Counseling Services provides a confidential, caring, and non-judgmental environment for discussing personal concerns, gaining self-understanding, and developing life skills. Our supportive and inclusive atmosphere equally welcomes all students and any issue. Through professional counseling, we support the broad function of higher education by assisting students in coping with their psychological and interpersonal challenges so that their experience during their time at Concordia can be successful.

Our office is staffed by counselors with experience providing mental health services on college campuses, and who are familiar with the wide range of concerns, questions, and stresses often faced by university students.

Some common reasons for which students seek counseling at Concordia include stress, anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues, grief and loss, sexuality, substance abuse, identity questions, eating and body-image concerns, cultural challenges, discrimination, and mental health crises. But we are here to help with any mental health question or concern.

For students who have worries about a friend or classmate, we are available for consultation; and we can be scheduled to provide outreach programs on a variety of mental health and wellness topics to groups on campus.

Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled students. Contact us to learn more, or to make an appointment.

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