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Tuition and Fees

Your Education Is An Investment

The cost of higher education in time, money, and effort makes it an important investment in your future, expanding your potential skills, talents, and intellect. At Concordia University, you can expect a quality, Christian, liberal arts education with individual attention from faculty and staff and opportunities for involvement in extra-curricular activities and organizations.

Tuition and Fees

Fall/Spring Semesters Academic Year
Tuition (12-19 credits)
$10,375 $20,750
Residence Hall / Food Services $4,150 $8,300
Totals $14,525 $29,050

*International Student Tuition listed on cost breakdown tab

Cost Breakdowns

2015-2016 Costs

Undergraduate (per credit hour, for students registered for 6-11 credits) $865
Undergraduate (per credit hour, for students registered for 1-5 credits) $460
Summer School (2016, per credit hour) $420
International Student Summer School (2015, per credit hour)
International Student Summer Fee
Auditing (per class) $175
Course overload (per credit hour, over 19 credits) $260
DCE or DCO Internship (in lieu of on-campus tuition; 12-18 credits) $10,375
Post-Baccalaureate (per credit hour) $420
International Student Tuition $27,000
International Student Fees $2,400

Optional Fees

2015-2016 Costs

Parking No charge
Single Room (Additional charge per semester) $1,125
Holst Hall Double Room (Additional charge per semester) $1,125
Extra Institutional Credit (includes credit by examination-per credit hour) $270
Colloquy Tuition Rate (per credit hour) $270
Colloquy DCO Cohort Unit Fee $640
Colloquy DCE Cohort Unit Fee $640
Colloquy Internship Fee $1,280
Science Lab Fees (varies by course) $25 - $50
Fine Art Fees (varies by course) $25 - $50
Biology and Chemistry Research Fee (per credit hour) $100
Private Music Instruction (800 level - Weekly 30 minute private lesson) $215
Private Music Instruction (900 level - Weekly 1 hour private lesson) $430

Required Fees

Application for Admission $30
Credentials $8
Graduation $125
Transcript(s) $7*
*$10 additional fee if requesting a faxed copy of transcript
Note: Transcripts are only released by written request of the person who received credit at Concordia University. Requests may be sent via mail, fax, or the student may fill out a form in the registrar's office. We regret that telephone and emailed requests cannot be honored.
Transcript Request: Allow two business days for processing. Transcripts are $7 each. Transcripts can be faxed for an additional $10.


Tuition Deposit:
The tuition deposit is applied toward the first semester costs and is not a separate fee. The tuition deposit is non-refundable after May 1st.
Residence Hall Damage Deposit:
The residence hall damage deposit is to be paid with initial residence hall application and must be received before a housing assignment is made and residence hall keys issued. The damage deposit will be refunded to the resident upon cancellation or separation from the university, provided the cancellation deadline was met and there is no balance due on the student's account. Specific criteria for the return of the damage deposit are outlined in the residence hall housing agreement.
Residence Hall Down Payment for Returning Students:
The residence hall down payment is paid by students when re-applying for housing for the next academic year. The down payment is credited to fall semester room and board charge. It is not refundable after May 1st. 
Apartment Damage Student Deposit:
The apartment damage deposit is to be paid after student's apartment application has been approved and before keys are issued. Specific criteria for the return of the apartment damage deposit are outlined in the apartment housing agreement. 


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