3+2 ProgramExercise Science

Five Years, Two Degrees

In a competitive job market, how do new graduates beat out their competition? One way is to up the ante and walk out of college with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

Students will complete approximately three years of undergraduate coursework and two years of graduate coursework. A portion of the master’s degree credits will count toward the elective credits needed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The unique nature of the 3+2 Program in Exercise Science allows students to decrease their tuition costs and earn two degrees in a shortened timeline.

Admission Requirements

In order to gain admission to this program, students must complete a minimum of 64 credits, earn a 3.0 GPA, write an essay, and complete an interview with the department.

Note: Students are encouraged to apply for the program before they complete 64 credits, or they would not be officially accepted or begin the program until that requirement has been met.


For additional questions please contact:
Dr. Matthew Buns