Doctor of Physical TherapyFaculty/Staff

Dr. Peter Rundquist, PT, PhD

Dr. Rundquist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients with spinal dysfunction. Dr. Rundquist’s research interest is evaluating shoulder three-dimensional kinematics.


Dr. Jeanne Lojovich, PT, PhD

Assistant Director
Dr. Lojovich has extensive clinical practice in physical therapy with an emphasis in Neurology. Her primary area of clinical practice and research has been in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the Minneapolis Veteran’s Administration Medical Center.


Lyndsey Vandenberg, DPT

Director of Clinical Education
Dr. Vandenberg has practiced at Mayo Clinic in a variety of settings including inpatient rehabilitation, acute care, outpatient, Emergency Department and women’s health.


Megan Dowdal-Osborn, PT, PhD, NCS

Dr. Dowdal-Osborn is committed to creating a positive, engaging classroom with a variety of teaching and learning tools. She is passionate about meeting students’ learning needs while simultaneously sharing her excitement about neurologic rehabilitation.


Dr. Shani Johnson, PT, DScPT, CMPT

Dr. Johnson has practiced in a variety of settings including subacute, skilled nursing, transitional, outpatient and women’s health. She has spoken at the state level and has provided instruction to licensed physical and occupational therapists nationally.


Erin Simunds, MS, PT

Ms. Simunds has written curriculum and conducted research for a successful social inclusion program called “Yes I Can” that assists adolescents with disabilities in increasing social competence and gaining lasting friendships.


Dr. Kristin Lefebvre, PT, PhD, CCS

Dr. Lefebvre’s research experience includes projects evaluating interprofessional high fidelity simulation experiences, evaluation of the use of cardiopulmonary examination and intervention techniques in physical therapy practice and health disparities.


Dr. Amy Toonstra, PT, DPT, CCS

Dr. Toonstra has performed and published clinical research in the area of early mobility in the intensive care unit and has presented at the state, national, and international level on topics related to caring for patients in the ICU.


Jennifer Menke

Jennifer Menke is the Administrative Assistant for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and also provides support for the Bachelor of Science Nursing Program.  Her responsibilities encompass many aspects, including serving as the first point of contact for faculty, guests and students, office operations, and program management.

Mary Bull

Mary Bull serves as the Admissions Counselor for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.