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Certificate inLeadership

This online Leadership certificate prepares you to advance in your leadership roles. Completion of this certificate is an ideal way to update a previously completed program or to enter a new program.

4,500+ Enrollment (1,400 on-campus undergraduates)
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Leadership Curriculum Overview

The coursework is more self-directed and less collaborative than cohort or other online classes. There are three (3) asynchronous seven (7) week classes in the certificate. Asynchronous classes entail students reading the text and doing assignments, completing discussion boards and possibly optional chats.

These classes are writing intensive and are intended for students who are familiar with online learning and can maintain their own schedule without regular lectures or meeting times to keep them on task.

Classes cannot be audited or taken for noncredit.

Certificate Courses (may be taken in any order)
Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
BUS - 280 Topics in Leadership 3
BUS - 281 Leadership Process 3
BUS - 282 Leadership Ethics 3
BUS - 283 Supervisory Leadership Tools 3

To achieve a true understanding of leadership, it is necessary to look back at how the various theories of leadership and management have developed, changed, and coincided with the needs of the workplace at the time they were popular. This course explores the development of leadership theory as a means of understanding the current concepts. Application of various theories are also examined.

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Leadership is often incorrectly interpreted as a position within an organization. This course provides a tremendous source of theoretical concepts and examples to improve leadership behaviors.

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Is it possible to lead without ethics? Is there a lesson to be learned from the Enrons and World Coms we have heard so much about? This course focuses on leadership ethics Ð what, how, and why. Learn about and test your own ethical values Ð apply your ethics to current cases from the business world. Learn the impact of ethical leaderships on others, and the cost of unethical leadership. Learn to let your ethics be your rudder in life.

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Every leader can benefit from improved supervisory skills. This course focuses on some of the basic skills necessary to be an effective manager or supervisor. Effective communication will be applied to the topics of facilitating teams, delegation, and how to coach employees at different performance levels. Students will apply these concepts to personal and organizational situations.

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