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Credit Hours: 64

The Doctorate in Education (Ed. D.) degree at Concordia University is for graduate students seeking to maximize their leadership and scholarship talents with the support of their colleagues, faculty, and instructional practitioners. The coursework blends leadership and scholarship learning through the 17 courses which prepare students to research, analyze, and write their dissertation. The coursework is designed to have a completed draft of the first three chapters of the required five chapter dissertation.


The program is designed to address two salient areas with a concentration in leadership. The first area if concentration addresses the application of leadership approaches to advance organization through implementation of planning, problem-solving, communication, collaboration and facilitate learning. The second area focuses on scholarship for understanding, evaluating, and ... Read More

producing research applicable to improving organizations. The program is designed to enhance leadership and scholarship skills in a student’s current role and as they plan for their dynamic future with the completed degree.


The doctoral degree provides advanced career opportunities in a variety of educational fields. The degree is also transferable to numerous leadership opportunities beyond education, including private, non-profit, public, and government organizations. Most importantly, students complete their doctorate with a recognition of the importance that the embedded learning has had on their effectiveness to serve, lead research and continually develop. An optional Educational Specialist degree in Organizational Leadership is available to students that are not able to complete their dissertation because of a life circumstance.

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