Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.)


Fortune 500 Companies Headquartered in the Twin Cities


Enrollment (1,400 on-campus undergraduates)


average number of student events per week

10 minutes

travel time to downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul


the year Concordia was founded

Program Overview

The Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) at Concordia University, St. Paul is for experienced educators seeking to further their knowledge in the field of educational leadership for the application of appropriate and specific practices, the generation of new knowledge, and for the stewardship of the profession.

Upon completion of the program, students will earn a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.). This degree enhances a leader’s skills and talents through advanced learning and field experiences. The completed dissertation is the capstone of the program and ensures the leader has the ability to analyze, reflect on, and assess data; evaluate and produce research, and design and communicate solutions using exemplary critical thinking.

The doctoral degree provides advanced career opportunities in a variety of educational fields. However, the degree is also transferable to numerous careers beyond education, including private, non-profit, public, and government organizations. Most importantly, students complete their Ed.D. program with a recognition of the importance that the embedded learning has had on their effectiveness to serve, lead, research and continually develop.

CSP’s program is designed to address three salient areas with a concentration in leadership. The first area of concentration addresses a core understanding of leadership issues pertaining to exemplary leadership models, ethics, policy making, and special topics. A second area focuses on scholarship for understanding, evaluating and producing research applicable to improving organizations. The third area provides comprehensive coursework, integrated with Doctorate Field Experience/Research, and designed with flexibility to allow students to focus on areas of specialization of their choosing within leadership.