Bachelor of ArtsEducation: Secondary Ed. Mathematics (5-12)

Majoring in Secondary Education involves the study of pedagogy, or the method and practice of teaching. You’ll develop the skills and insights to become a middle school or high school teacher and lifelong learner. Concordia offers variety of specialties so you can customize your major to the subject area in which you would like to teach: Communication Arts/Literature (Grade 5-12), Health (Grade 5-12), Math (Grade 5-12), Social Studies (Grade 5-12), Chemistry (Grade 9-12), or Life Science (Grade 9-12).

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Education: Secondary Ed. Mathematics (5-12) Curriculum Overview

Students who complete this major are eligible to apply to the Minnesota Department of Education for a teaching credential in mathematics (grades 9 through 12). Passage of standardized examinations of content and pedagogy are also required. This major is done in conjunction with the BS in Mathematics Degree.


Bachelor of Arts degrees at Concordia University, St. Paul consists of a major of typically 32 to 44 credits or two minors, general education courses, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 128 credits.

Meet Your Professors

Dr. Robert Krueger Chair of Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Krueger offers not only an expert knowledge of mathematics to Concordia students, he also strives to make each student’s experience as rewarding as possible.

Dr. Sarah Jahn Associate Professor of Mathematics

Sarah is passionate about helping students reach their mathematical potential and mentoring future mathematics teachers. She strives to support and challenge each student to increase both their appreciation of mathematics and their proficiency in mathematics.

Lonn Maly Dean, College of Education & Science

Lonn Maly is a graduate of Concordia University who worked for 14 years as a teacher and a principal in Lutheran schools in Michigan and Southern California.

Career Potential

  • Public School Teacher (9-12)
  • Private School Teacher (9-12)

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