120 CreditsFrequently Asked Questions

Minimum Graduation Requirements Modified to 120 Credits

Effective fall semester 2017 the minimum graduation requirement for all bachelor’s degree programs at Concordia University, St. Paul will be 120 credit hours. Concordia’s undergraduate policy committee unanimously voted for the reduction in requirements from 128 credits as it better aligns CSP with most public colleges and universities in Minnesota and nationwide which have already adopted the 120 credit minimum. Concordia is one of the first private schools in Minnesota to adopt this change, which reinforces the University’s commitment to making higher education more affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CSP lowering its minimum graduation credit requirement to 120 credits?

The change from 128 to 120 credits better aligns Concordia with most public schools in Minnesota and nationwide. CSP is one of the first private schools in the state to reduce its credit requirements. This change in credit requirements allows students to complete their degree work within a four-year timeframe.

Who is affected by this change?

All returning undergraduates and incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Who is eligible to graduate under the new 120-hour baccalaureate degree requirement?

The 120-hour degree requirement is available to students who will complete degree requirements at the end of the 2017 fall semester and thereafter.

Will some degree programs require more than 120 hours?

The new policy establishes the minimum number of credits for an undergraduate degree. Due to the nature of some majors and required supporting courses, some degrees cannot be completed at the 120 credit minimum. Check your degree audit report for your specific requirements for graduation.

How can a degree be completed within 120 hours if the number of hours required for the major or minor have not changed?

In most cases, students will be able to graduate with 120 hours by reducing the number of elective credits. However, the student should be sure that all degree requirements (i.e. residency hours, general education, major/minor courses) are met.

I have met all my general education and major requirements and the 120 credit threshold, when will I be eligible to graduate?

You’d be eligible to graduate when the policy goes into effect Fall 2017. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

If I want to graduate before Fall 2017 does the 120 credit minimum apply?

No. If you want to graduate prior to 2017 fall term 128 credits is still required.

I'm a transfer student, how does this affect me?

A maximum of 90 credits will be accepted in transfer course work. Students need to complete a minimum of 30 credits at Concordia to earn a degree. At least 50% of a major or minor must be completed at Concordia.


I have more questions, who should I contact?

Current students can contact their academic advising counselor: (651-603-6318 or advising@csp.edu)

Prospective/incoming students should contact admissions: (651-641-8230 or admissions@csp.edu)