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ABSN Program Requirements


Step One: Complete Your General and Prerequisite Courses

If you have not already completed your prerequisite courses for the Nursing program you can register for classes through CSP’s School of Continuing Studies.

Wondering what courses you still need to complete to start your Nursing program? View your Degree Audit* which will show your current degree plan, how your credits have transferred to CSP, and what courses you still need to complete.

Your degree audit will be accurately updated approximately two weeks after your admission to CSP.

* = CSP Network Account needed for login
If you don’t know your CSP network account information, please contact your Admissions Counselor:

Ready to start registering for courses? Contact your ABSN Admissions Counselor to review the registration process, go over the courses within your Degree Plan, and ensure you are ready to seek acceptance to the Nursing Program.

  • GPA for all Science prerequisite coursework: 3.0 required, earning a “C” or higher in all courses

    • CHE105, Chemistry for Health Sciences
    • BIO300 Microbiology
    • BIO315 Human A&P I with Lab
    • BIO316 Human A&P II with Lab

    Cumulative GPA for all previous collegiate coursework: 3.0 required


For students needing additional credits to qualify for the ABSN program, CSP offers the Pre-Nursing AA with “preferred admission” to our nursing program for those who complete at least 15 credits or more.

Highlights of the Program Include:

  • Preferred Admission Seat: By earning the AA Pre-Nursing and meeting the minimum nursing admissions requirements, students will have a preferred admission seat in the University’s BSN program.
  • Seamless Admission to Program Process: By declaring as a preferred admission pathway student, you won’t need to re-apply to CSP’s nursing program, but will already be an applied student to the program.
  • Familiarity with CSP overall: Blackboard, financial aid, advising, and others. Learn about and be a student at the University before becoming a nursing student.
  • Prerequisite Preparation: CSP offers excellent science and math courses designed to help you be successful in the nursing program. Courses like MAT165 Quantitative Reasoning for Health Care Professionals cover relevant concepts like dosage calculation to prepare you for future success in the nursing program.
Sign up for the Nursing Preferred Admission Pathway here

Step Two: Complete Additional Nursing Application Requirements

In addition to completing prerequisite and general education courses, there are additional application requirements that need to be met prior to being reviewed by the Nursing Committee. Complete these in a timely manner to ensure you are eligible to start the program in your desired term.

  • If you have not already completed the TEAS, this should be completed prior to being reviewed for admission to the ABSN program.

    Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) must be submitted with a score of 65% or greater with proficiency in all subject areas. TEAS must have been taken within the previous year (no more than two attempts per year) to be eligible for submission.

  • Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency via examination if 1) English is not their native language, and 2) the applicants have lived in the US fewer than eight years at the time of application.

    English proficiency may be demonstrated by one or more of the following tests:

    Test Minimum Satisfactory Score
    TOEFL.iBT 84 with minimum speaking score of 26
    IELTS Overall score of 6.5 with the minimum of 6.0 on all modules
    MELAB Total passing score of 81 and a speaking section score of 3
    Pearson Test of English Academic Overall score of 55 with a minimum of 50 on all sub-scores

Upon completion of the admission requirements for the program, your file will be submitted to the Nursing Committee for review. Your Admissions Counselor will notify you of the acceptance decision after this review is completed.


Once accepted to the CSP Nursing Program, you will need to complete additional requirements to ensure your success and understanding of the program.

  • To confirm your seat and get registered for your Nursing courses, you will need to read and sign the Nursing Registration and Acceptance Authorization Form emailed to you upon acceptance to the program. Within this document you will also be required to acknowledge the licensure requirements of the program. Failure to complete this step will result in dismissal from the program.

    Completed forms should be emailed to within one week of receipt in order to secure your spot.

    Once the document is received your Admissions Counselor will be in touch with your next steps.

  • Final official transcripts for any courses taken outside of CSP since being accepted to CSP must be submitted.

    Transcripts should reflect final grades for all courses and indicate conferral of a degree (if applicable). To be considered official, transcripts must be received in a sealed envelope from the institution or through secure electronic delivery.

    Submit Official Transcripts to CSP:

    by mail:
    9600 SW Barnes Rd #300
    Portland, OR

    or by secured email:

  • To be compliant with CSP’s Nursing program, you must submit the following documentation:

    • Background Check
    • Urine Drug Screening
    • Handbook Acknowledgement
    • Practice Experience Release of Information Authorization Form
    • Student Confidentiality Agreement
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Provider Statement of Student Health Status (Physical)
    • CPR/BLS for Provider Certification from the American Heart Association
    • OSHA, HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogen Assessments
    • Immunization Requirements
      • MMR: Evidence of a series of two MMR vaccinations (at least 28 days apart) or three positive titers for each of the three components (measles/rubeola, mumps, and rubella).
      • Hepatitis B: Evidence of a series of three vaccinations or a positive Hep B surface antibody titer
      • Hep B lab titers are often mis-ordered, so be aware a Hep B surface antibody is required.
      • Varicella: Evidence of a series of two Varicella vaccinations or a positive VCZ IgG antibody titer.
        • Having chicken pox in the past does not count toward having a vaccine or titer as it does not always guarantee immunity; two vaccines or a titer are required, regardless if you have had the disease in the past.
      • Td/Tdap – Evidence of one adult dose of the TDAP within the past 10 years. If a dose of TDAP was obtained after the age of 11, any 10-year renewals of this requirement can be a Td vaccine.
      • Influenza: Evidence of a vaccine from the current or most recent flu season
      • Covid-19 Vaccine: While CSP does not currently require the Covid-19 vaccine, the School of Nursing strongly encourages this for nursing students. Most clinical settings do require this vaccination so this helps to ensure equal access to quality learning opportunities and clinical learning experiences.
    • TB Test Requirements
      • Strongly preferred: Negative TB blood test (Quantiferon – TB GOLD or TSPOT TB Test) completed within the last year, OR;
      • Negative (0-<5mm) two-step purified protein derivative (PPD) completed within the last year
        • Please note that a PPD skin test is defined as two (2) separate PPD skin tests that are completed 1-3 weeks apart. This involves getting one PPD placed, having it read a few days later, then, after 1-3 weeks, getting a second PPD placed, then read a few days later
      • For students with a past positive PPD, a negative chest x-ray (no evidence of active pulmonary disease) is required once. Chest x-rays are only acceptable if taken as a follow up to a previous or current TB skin test. A TB questionnaire must be completed annually and verified by a healthcare provider (form available at the end of the CSP handbook).
      • TB test must be completed annually while in the Nursing program via a new blood test or skin test.
        • If a two-step PPD skin test is complete initially, a one-step skin test (a single PPD skin test that is placed and read) is acceptable for annual renewals. If the initial TB test for the program was a blood test, a two-step PPD would be needed for the renewal, as that would be the first PPD skin test on record.
  • Portland Campuses – Students taking courses at our two Portland campus locations will receive a student ID card after site assignments are made, prior to the cohort start.

    St. Paul Campus – Students must submit a photo to Card Services to be used for their CSP ID. Learn more and submit your photo on the Card Services website.

  • Prior to the start of classes, students accepted into the ABSN program will receive emailed information pertaining to their Nursing Orientation. This will be emailed to your CSP email, so please be sure to access this and watch for updates.

  • If you have not already done so, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to secure Federal grants and loans, or look at alternative loans through a variety of lenders.

Other Information

  • As you prepare to begin your coursework at Concordia University, you might need assistance finding housing in Minnesota. One option to help you with this transition is CORT. CORT provides personalized rental housing locating assistance and their services are free of charge.

    CORT’s services include:

    • An in-depth needs analysis to determine what you are looking for in your new home
    • A personalized web-page, with listings selected specifically for you based on your needs
    • Details on housing availability and special offers
    • Appointment scheduling at the residences you choose to visit
    • Detailed maps and directions to your appointments
    • Furniture rental
    • Destination Services (available upon request for a nominal fee).
    • Destination services include agent-guided housing tours, as well as other settling in services that may be needed.

    For more information about CORT, please contact:

  • Determine the accommodations that may be available to you at Concordia by contacting Student Accessibility Services at

    Visit Concordia’s Student Accessibility Services webpage for more information.

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