ParentsPost-Concordia Transition

Graduation & Beyond: Post-Concordia Transition

Students – and often parents – look ahead to the day that they don the mortarboard and accept their diploma. It’s an exciting time, but also a time that can bring stress of the unknown and new life adjustments. You can anticipate some of the many changes that will take place for your new graduate as they navigate life as a professional.

In addition to finding a job, there are many things students will face for the first time upon graduation such as managing their own finances, living on their own and making new friends.

Career Preparation

Concordia’s Career Services works with students preparing for graduation, connecting their education with life after the commencement ceremony. Students receive expert guidance in clarifying goals, values, interests and skills to empower and make educated and thoughtful choices about their future. Career Services offers assistance with resume writing, job search strategies and interviewing preparation, exploring career options within their field of study, connecting with professional partners and much more.

Landing the First Job

There’s little more exciting than receiving a first-ever job offer. Graduates often spend a lot of time in the application process, building upon of the networking connections they made through internships, volunteer positions and special projects while taking classes at Concordia. Most jobs for new college graduates are entry-level, which may require lower play than desired, long hours and hard work, but graduates and parents are filled with the pride of an education put to work. The first years of employment provide new employees an opportunity to learn and grow within their field and, with time, can lead to career advancement.

Life Transitions

For your new graduate, stepping off of the Concordia campus and venturing out on their own can be both exciting and scary. Entering the workforce brings the pride of a meaningful purpose and income, but separating from friends can be especially challenging. There is also the additional stress of managing bills, moving residences and having less free time. Continue to support your graduates by keeping lines of communication open and offering advice as they transition to new routines.

Graduate School

Many graduates recognize that continuing their education at a higher level is most appropriate for them and their career goals. Concordia offers graduate programs led by highly skilled professionals. Classes are available on campus and online, allowing students greater flexibility and choices.

Alumni Association

Every Concordia graduate becomes a lifetime member of the Alumni Association, allowing graduates opportunities for networking with fellow Concordia alumni, invitations to alumni events, discounts to athletic and most fine arts events, and access to other special offers and services.