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Business Office

The Business Office takes care of most things financial for Concordia University. From monitoring budgets, issuing purchases orders, processing check requests, honorarium/stipend requests, expense reports, cash advances, cash boxes, petty cash and student payments.

Accounts Payable

  • Please note that Cash Advances may only be taken out by Concordia Faculty/Staff. Cash Advances may not be written out to a student.

    Use the Cash Advance form in the event a CSP employee requires advance funds to travel and attend business-related events on behalf of CSP. It is greatly advised that these funds are not used to purchase material products. CSP has many vendors that provide products with the benefits of being tax-exempt and/or may have discounted rates. Use a Purchase Order to purchase from vendors.

    All approval signatures required. 


    Use the Cash Box Advance form in the event that a CSP organization requires cash on hand at an event that is being hosted on campus.

    All approval signatures required.

  • Use the Check Request form to pay a vendor for products or services that were acquired and a purchase order was not issued before hand. Attach the original invoice or other supporting documentation.

    All approval signatures required.

  • Use the Expense Report (Non-Travel) form for non-travel related expenses any individual has paid for with their own funds. Remember to attach all original itemized receipts.

    All approval signatures required.

    For total amounts of $25 or less use the Petty Cash form.

    Expense Report Policy

    **PLEASE NOTE: If you need assistance with paying for travel or non-travel reimbursable expenses, please contact Cheryl Wolfram at 651-641-8751.

  • Use the Expense Report-Travel Only form for expenses an individual has paid for with their own funds while traveling on behalf of CSP.

    The mileage rates are adjusted each year per IRS requirements. Effective January 1, 2022 the mileage rate will be .585/mile Jan-June. And the rate for July-Dec is .625/mile. Any mileage incurred should be completed on the Mileage Supplement form and included with the Expense Report.  Remember to attach all original itemized receipts.

    Expense Report Policy

    All approval signatures required.

    Expense-Report-Travel-2022 Jan-June          Expense-Report-Travel-2021 

    Expense-Report-Travel-2022 July-Dec

    Mileage-Supplement-2022 Jan-June                Mileage-Supplement-2021

    Mileage-Supplement-2022 July-Dec

  • Use the Honorarium/Stipend form for payments to individuals who provided services to CSP who are not employees of the university.  Please include a W-9 for new vendors.

    All approval signatures required.

    W-9 Form

    NOTE: Honorarium/Stipend requests for all Concordia faculty/staff must be brought to the Human Resources department.

  • Use the Petty Cash form for reimbursable expenses incurred for a total of $25 or less. Bring it along with the original itemized receipt(s) to the Business Office for authorization, and then to the Cashier’s window to receive a reimbursement.

    All approval signatures required.

    For total expenses over $25 use the Expense Report (Non-Travel) or Expense-Report-Travel-2022

  • Use the Purchase Order form BEFORE purchasing products or services. Please fill out the form completely. Save it to your desktop for reference.

    Once the Cashier receives and reviews the PO request, it will then be created in Banner and emailed to the listed email address. Please allow a minimum of 1 day for processing.

    All approval signatures required.


  • Use the Budget Transfer form when there is a need to transfer budget dollars from one account to another. If transferring amounts between departments, both Department Heads must sign the form.

    All approval signatures required.

  • Use the Journal Activity Transfer form if an amount was entered into the wrong organization; also use this form if transferring activity between two departments.

    All approval signatures required.


  • The Cashier’s Office is located on the first floor of the Pohler Administration Building- AD115.

    Open daily 8:00 AM – 4:30 pm. Closing for lunch 12:00-1:00 pm.

    Summer Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

  • BUS PASS and STUDENT ID can be paid for online.

    Summer 2022 bus passes are now available at the Cashier window. The passes cost  $85.00. They are good through August 15, 2022. Please purchase your Bus Pass online. Once you purchase your bus pass, please forward your receipt to [email protected].   Then you may pick up your bus pass at the Cashier window the next business day, 8am-3:45pm, closed for lunch from 12pm-1pm.

    ID Card Replacement fee is $10 and can be paid online. Please forward your receipt to [email protected] and then pick up your card at Card Services afterwards.

    Wishing you an awesome school year.

    Shanita Jones

    Cashier, Accounts Receivable Specialist

  • To make a payment, please go into your Blackboard, within the Student Page, scroll to Payments and pick your payment option.  You can pay by credit card with a 2.75% fee or pay with your bank routing and checking or savings account number with no fee. The payment will post to your student account.

    You can also mail in a payment to:

    Concordia University – St Paul

    Lockbox 446006

    PO Box 64065

    St Paul MN  55164-0065

    Cash and check payments are accepted at the cashier window.

    Please include your student ID on all payments.

Purchase Supplies