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Campus Security, Facilities, Maintenance, Cleaning FAQ

  • Will there be prescribed penalties for violation of social distancing?

    It is the expectation that all individuals in the Concordia community adhere to the social responsibility guidelines and observe physical distancing, face coverings and other health guidance from the CDC, MDH and the university. Non-compliance could impact individuals’ health and will be subject to discipline through the existing student conduct or other applicable processes, also applicable to faculty & staff.

    Are masks provided by the institution or will students/staff/faculty be asked to provide their own? If the institution provides them, will mass quantities be available for purchase/shipment? 

    The expectation is all students, faculty and staff will provide their own masks. Extra masks available at the security office should an individual forget their personal one.

    Have we assessed the current occupant capacity of each gathering space on campus such as classrooms, lecture halls, office spaces to ensure compliance with guidelines to reduce by 25%, 50% etc.?

    Class sizes and spacing will adhere to regulations provided by the CDC and MDH. When the required 6 feet of social distancing cannot be followed, students and instructors will be required to wear their masks.

    What are the campus protocols for unique venues (art museum, ice complex) or events (athletic, lectures, conferences) that attract members of the local community to campus? 

    All campus events will adhere to MDH, CDC and City of St. Paul guidelines with regards to social distancing and masks.

    Do current Public Safety facilities have the ability to function effectively for day-to-day operations while maintaining appropriate social distancing?

    Campus administration and department leaders have been carefully monitoring and adapting to the changing regulations set forth by the CDC and MDH and will continue to do so. Current operations fit within the recommended standards.

    Is the department employing all available hazard mitigation equipment in the appropriate ways? 

    CSP has acquired necessary disinfectant and distributed materials throughout campus while also setting procedures for maintenance staff to disinfect key areas of campus regularly.

    Is the department leveraging technology in the appropriate ways? 

    CSP has the ability to provide a dynamic learning environment for students, while allowing staff and faculty flexible remote operations which kept operations moving forward during the spring shutdown. With campus opening up throughout the summer and a more traditional learning environment in the fall (with necessary precautions), CSP will continue to utilize its technology and network infrastructure to leverage productive and safe learning. In the event of a shutdown, CSP remains nimble and ready to quickly pivot to robust online and distance learning. 

    What steps can we take to identify and limit common area touchpoints? 

    Campus marketing & communications has been distributing visual reminders throughout campus such as hand washing tips on restroom mirrors. Visual reminders will be displayed throughout campus and will be designed to provide important elements of CSP’s Social Responsibility guidelines such as social distancing reminders, proper ways to cough/sneeze and wearing of face coverings. 

    Is PPE available and readily accessible to employees upon commencement of their shift, and is there a means of discarding PPE upon the conclusion of a shift. Mask, glove disposal, etc? 

    It is the expectation that all students, staff & faculty will provide their own face coverings and hand sanitizer, per CSP’s Social Responsibility guidelines. Additionally, faculty will be provided with disinfectant to be sprayed on surfaces following a class session, while the incoming students will use a provided paper towel to wipe their surface down to ensure their space is clean prior to their next class. 

    Do we have a plan to handle employees who are designated as “at higher risk” by CDC guidelines

    Yes, employees have been encouraged to work directly with human resources to make arrangements if they are unable to return to campus. 

    Will new visitor policies limit external visitation to campus locations? Residence halls, athletic facilities, assembly spaces, theaters, etc.?

    Campus events will be held in conjunction with CDC, MDH and City of St. Paul regulations. While campus remains closed to the public during June of 2020, CSP will adjust its procedures to welcome visitors at the appropriate times. Visitors will not be allowed in the residence halls at this time for the fall semester, however.

    Has a weekly COVID-19 project safety checklist been developed?

    The University has established a COVID response team that conducts meetings weekly, and full disinfecting policies have been implemented. The response team is inclusive of campus leadership from every department on campus.

    Has a reporting procedure for positive tests/potential exposure been developed?

    CSP will follow CDC & Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.

    How will new policies around campus access and distancing be communicated and enforced on campus? 

    Visual reminders will be distributed and displayed throughout campus including all common areas and places that experience higher foot traffic as well as on restroom mirrors and building entry points. Students, faculty & staff are expected to adhere to CSP’s Social Responsibility guidelines and any individuals who do not comply will be held accountable to employment and student conduct policies.


  • Will creative markers such as college logos on floors and walls to show what six-feet social distance looks like be installed across campus?

    Floor signs throughout campus are being added. 

    What guidelines will be put in place for building systems such as HVAC? 

    • Increased outside air. We have recently installed a Honeywell remote control system on many of the HVAC systems on campus, giving us greater control over air quality and return air levels.

    • We have Increased the outdoor air-percentage to increase dilution of contaminants, and eliminate recirculating, whenever possible while maintaining indoor air-conditions.

    • We have replaced all filters on campus, those part of the standard PM process and also units not due for change now.

    • We are running systems on full economizer as outside air-conditions allow.

    • We are constantly maintaining air intake and discharge to create the safest air outcome as possible.

    • More frequent filter changes and preventative maintenance, all filters have been changed on campus.

    Use of UV treatment in systems?

    Used in limited areas. 

    Will all buildings and residence halls have sanitizers?

    We will be providing stations in strategic locations around campus, but the expectation is that students, faculty & staff adhere to CSP’s Social Responsibility guidelines to provide their own face coverings and hand sanitizer.

    Are plexiglass partitions needed at service counters and public-facing facilities?

    We are installing partitions where needed.

    Minimize the use of shared equipment. Include disinfectant wipes for wipe down when sharing is necessary.

    Yes wipes are provided, additionally a faculty member will spray disinfectant on classroom surfaces following their session, while the incoming students will use a provided paper towel to wipe their surface area prior to the start of their class.

    Are door handles regularly wiped down or sprayed?

    This is done twice a day in all common areas.

    Have supervisors been provided with training on proper cleaning protocols?


    Are HEPA filters being used?

    HEPA filters are being used where applicable. 

    Should more frequent air changes per hour be considered? 

    We have added more as the system will allow. 

    Are there alternatives that can be used in restrooms other than had dryers or should these be removed?

    Implementing slowly by taking them out of service but not removing the unit. We will need more paper towel supplies and more trash cans along with increased cleaning frequency. We have only a few left and are working toward replacing with paper towel dispensers.  



  • Has medical-grade cleaning been implemented?


    Is there a sufficient supply of sanitizing supplies?


    Will CSP provide hand sanitizing stations at each entrance of administrative and academic buildings?

    Yes. There is hand pump hand sanitizer in strategic locations, and CSP is communicating its Social Responsibility guidelines so that every student, faculty & staff member is aware. 

    Will CSP ensure high-touch surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, crash bars, faucets) are cleaned at least twice daily during days when class is in session? 

    Yes. This is already occurring. 

    Will CSP’s maintenance department be trained to sanitize rooms and areas in which a student, staff, or faculty member being tested for COVID-19 previously occupied, using cleaning products certified to kill coronavirus germs?

    We have a complete protocol for this event. 

    Do CSP facilities personnel have appropriate training in disinfectant product best practices, including dwell times and familiarity with various types of areas and surfaces?


    What will cleaning in classrooms, cafes, common lounges, libraries, etc., be like?

    Cleaning will occur twice a day.

    Revised cleaning schedules, protocols, and procedures for all buildings and use of HOCL (Hypochlorous acid)-based cleaning products.

    This has already been implemented.