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Career Champion Network

Access CSP's Career Champion Network!

The Career Champion Network (CCN) is a directory (“the network”) that connects you to CSP faculty, staff, and alumni who are eager to exchange career insights and information.

Consider using the CCN in the following ways:

  • Search for CSP Career Champions by major, job title, and location
  • Gain insights to launch or advance your career
  • Explore career interests and discover new possibilities
  • Learn about the expected skills and experiences needed in your chosen career
  • Discover career and internship opportunities at companies where CSP alumni work
  • Connect with a potential speaker for your classroom, club, or organization
Explore the Network
  • We are excited you are interested in becoming a CSP Career Champion. Click HERE to learn more and register!

  • We are excited you are ready to use CSP’s Career Champion Network. Before you get started, please review and abide by the following terms of use:

    • I understand that the individuals listed on CSP’s Career Champion Network are alumni, staff, and/or faculty of CSP. Each person listed is volunteering their time and is willing to share their unique perspective on their time at CSP and after.
    • I will be respectful in my interactions when interacting with those listed in the Career Champion Network.
    • I will not share contact information with people outside of the CSP Community.
  • We are continuously working to improve the Career Champion Network and invite feedback or questions users may have.

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    Alumni Relations
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