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When beginning a job or internship search, there are many things to think about and prepare. If you are unsure of the career direction you would like to go, meeting with a Career Advisor may help you focus your search. Determining a few specifics about your goals and criteria for future job or internship prospects will help you find opportunities that are more relevant to your major and career field.

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Job and Internship Search Steps

  • Networking is all about building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. When you are in a job search it is time to reach out to your network and let them know what you are looking for. Follow the tips below on how to put your network to work during a job or internship search. View our complete networking, LinkedIn and informational interview tips here.

    Reach out to your network to:

    • Learn about possible careers in your field, gain industry specific advice and learn about possible opportunities not listed online.
    • Become familiar with professional associations in your field. These often have job boards and mentor programs which can assist in your search.
    • Share your resume and cover letter so they can pass it along to those that might be hiring
  • Be open to opportunities you don’t see as a direct fit. You never know what path an opportunity will lead you down.
    For example, as a student you could gain experience by:
    • Studying abroad
    • Joining a CSP club or organization
    • Joining a professional association related to your current or desired field of work
    • Volunteering in your community
    • Completing an internship
    • Obtaining part-time work

    More formally, when it comes to job searching or accepting an offer, your major should not limit you to your career options. For example, just because you are a theater major doesn’t mean success is defined by working in a theater. What other skills have you gained throughout your education and experience? Possibly critical thinking, creativity, communication. As long as you are applying those skills in a future role you are using your degree!


  • Now that you have submitted your applications and are hearing back from employers, it is time to interview. The best way to be prepared is to practice. Be sure to review our interview prep tips as well as complete a virtual mock interview on Big Interview.

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