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Concordia Journal of Communication – Overview

Journal Overview

The Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University-St. Paul  (CSP) is the creator and publisher of the on-line journal. Currently, the journal is published once a year with a summer issue, under the editorship of Dr. Kim Flottemesch, Associate Professor of Communication Studies. Submissions are collected from all students participating in communication courses in the Concordia University System and are put through a blind review process before accepted.


    1. To publish the exceptional communication research of undergraduate students with in the Concordia University System as a means to showcase student’s talents and achievement.
      1. This journal primarily focuses on undergraduate research in the communication discipline, though work from graduate students is also welcomed.
    2. To highlight the exemplary academic communication faculty, students, and programs within the context of the Lutheran faith.
    3. To promote CSP’s goal of strengthening partnerships with colleagues and students at other Concordia colleges and universities; facilitate networking across the discipline of communication.
    4. Assist students in their academic growth through faculty-student mentoring as we celebrate their accomplished work!

    Articles and other materials in the journal may be freely downloaded, reproduced and redistributed without permission as long as the author and source are properly cited. Student authors retain copyright ownership of their work.


  • For many years, the Department of Communication Studies has been one of Concordia-St. Paul’s strongest. One important piece of evidence supporting this assertion is the Concordia Journal of Communication Research, which is the only such publication offered by any of our academic departments. This effort, along with the many other fine efforts made by this group of colleagues, is a notable contribution to the intellectual and spiritual life of our university. Under the leadership of Drs. Kim Flottemesch, Basma Ibrahim DeVries, and Alan Winegarden, (the latter retiring at the end of this academic year after a long and distinguished career), the department has long offered a challenging major which large numbers of students have found interesting, enjoyable, and edifying. Faculty in the Department of Communication Studies have a well-deserved reputation not only for their high level of competence as professors, but for their genuine care and concern for their students. In addition, many opportunities abound to present at an undergraduate conference and undertake internships providing valuable insight into life after graduation. Job placement of graduates is impressive, and preparation for graduate study leads to success. As times and technology change, course offerings have as well; a greater emphasis on social media will no doubt soon develop into a panoply of new options, not only for majors, but for any student wishing to prepare for more effective communication in the digital age.


    I heartily congratulate Dr. Flottemesch, DeVries, and Winegarden for their tireless efforts and heartily endorse the work which has culminated in this impressive volume.


    -Dr. Paul Hillmer, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Kim Flottemesch, PhD, Concordia University-St. Paul

    Susan Battles, M.A., M.B.A, Concordia University St. Paul

    Todd Hauser, PhD, Concordia University Chicago

    Basma Ibrahim-DeVries, PhD, Concordia University-St. Paul

    Peter Koprince, PhD, Concordia University-Nebraska

    Timothy Macafee, PhD, Concordia University- Wisconsin

    Erin Nelson, PhD, Concordia University- Irvine

    Martin Schramm, PhD, Concordia University-Irvine

    Alan Winegarden, PhD, Concordia University-St. Paul