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CSP Global FAQ

General Questions

  • CSP Global will operate as a focused division of Concordia University, St. Paul. It will house nearly all of the university’s online and hybrid programming and the nursing program housed at our Portland, Oregon campus. 

    Meanwhile, CSP will operate as a focused division of the university, housing the traditional on-campus undergraduate programs.

  • Concordia University, St. Paul, will continue to invest in growth opportunities for the on-campus programming under CSP. Traditional high school graduation and two-year enrollment numbers are projected to decline over the next decade. CSP will focus on new and career-relevant programs to attract and retain students to graduation. 

    The bulk of growth, however, will happen through the online and hybrid programming of CSP Global. 

  • CSP and CSP Global are all part of Concordia University, St. Paul. We are one university with two clearly identified divisions. Every student deserves a highly focused team of faculty and staff to support them. Our strong financial position allows for appropriate investment in technology, infrastructure, programs, student support, extra curriculars, athletics, clubs, and many other facets that create a compelling college experience. 

    Growth in CSP Global, combined with ongoing strong on-campus presence, are necessary for a vibrant future for all students, regardless of modality. 

  • CSP and CSP Global are divisions of Concordia University, St. Paul. All degrees are conferred by Concordia University, St. Paul, so they all carry the same exceptional value and reputation of the university as a whole.

  • CSP Global allows us to compete on multiple levels, including local, regional and national online universities. Our objective is to be known as the “go-to” university of choice for students of all types. With a 130-year legacy of providing an extraordinary in-person private university experience, combined with 25 years delivering high quality online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, Concordia University, St. Paul, overall, is better positioned to compete and grow for years to come.

Faculty & Staff Questions

  • The launch of CSP Global is the next logical step in the continued execution of our long-term growth plan. We have already significantly aligned staff across our academic programs overall, as well as our traditional and non-traditional programming to meet the needs of students, regardless of delivery type.

    As we grow via CSP Global, we will continue to invest in staffing, professional development, and support (for faculty and students) aligned with the scale of the university over time. We are committed to delivering an exceptional university experience while meeting the needs of faculty and staff as we grow.

  • Over the course of time, Concordia University, St. Paul, will continue to align systems and structure to best support faculty, staff, and students. Certain areas, such as marketing and enrollment, for example, will likely see some changes in reporting and alignment with CSP and/or CSP Global. We are in the early stages of this rollout, and we will continue to keep you apprised of changes throughout. 

    Our focus will be on providing exceptional support for faculty, staff, and students across each of the divisions, CSP and CSO Global.

  • We are one university with two clearly defined divisions. Some operational aspects will function across both divisions, and some functions will become division-specific. Many aspects have been aligned accordingly over the past few years, in particular. Moving forward, operational changes will be rolled out methodically and with transparency. We will continue to keep all audiences informed as we move forward. 

  • What happens to the Lutheran heritage of Concordia University, St. Paul, if we are simply going to be pushing business, nursing, technology, and other similar fields via CSP Global? 

    Concordia University, St. Paul, has a 130-year legacy built on a solid foundation of Lutheran values and traditions. Church work programs have flourished over the past ten years as our university doubled its enrollment – and can be further strengthened as the university continues to grow. In addition, theology course work continues as requirements via CSP and CSP Global.

    Our university is in its strong financial and operational position, in part, because we have remained true to our core founding principles, mission and vision. As we serve an increasingly diverse student population, CSP and CSP Global will both be conduits to share our ongoing values. 

  • Our growth goals are aggressive and attainable. We continue to see strong growth in many facets of our programming, including international student enrollment. 

    Our January 2023 enrollment data shows our largest January start in Concordia St. Paul’s history with 700 students starting the term. This is a significant gain, coming off record enrollment years. 

    The strategic growth plans that have helped us double enrollment over the past decade are based on known and projected shifts in enrollment and student types. Offering robust, career-relevant programs in the modes that align with prospective students’ lives set CSP and CSP Global apart. We are confident that Concordia University, St. Paul is well positioned to achieve these goals.

Student Questions

  • As a current traditional student of Concordia University, St. Paul, you will encounter very few, if any, perceptible changes. Your coursework, degree program, and instructors will remain unchanged. The introduction of CSP Global simply brings greater clarity about how our non-traditional, online and hybrid programs fit into Concordia University, St. Paul overall. It will allow the university to reach more students across more geographies moving forward. 

  • All degrees will continue to be conferred by Concordia University, St. Paul. We are one university with two clearly defined divisions. CSP Global supports the vast majority of our online and hybrid undergraduate and graduate programs. CSP supports our on-campus, traditional programming via our St. Paul campus.

  • Current degree programs and required course configurations remain unchanged. The university is already developing 25 new programs, including many graduate programs, which will extend opportunities for all students to make Concordia St. Paul their university for life.

  • There should be no impacts specifically relating to the launch of CSP Global in the near term. Over time, there may be some further additions and alignment of professors and instructors to best support programs across the university.

  • Students are able to take courses that span CSP and CSP Global, particularly as they relate to required coursework that crosses multiple degrees and for many general education and elective courses.

    Students should work with their academic advisors to map out their courses and determine optimal course selections for their academic objectives.