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Student Employment FAQ's

  • An on-campus student employee of Concordia University must: 

    1. Be in an active academic status at Concordia University (does not include Post  Secondary Enrollment Option [PSEO] students). Students must be enrolled for 12 credit hours or more as an undergraduate; 6 hours or more as a graduate student. Priority will be given to students who are eligible for federal or state work-study. Exceptions exist for summer employment.  
    2. Have a United States Social Security number. 
    3. Have proper identification as determined by Form I-9. Must be able to complete section A or sections B and C.
  • If you have been offered a job to work at CSP as an on-campus student employee, you MUST complete the form I-9 and provide documents to show that you are eligible for employment PRIOR TO your first day of work for pay. You need to complete this step to begin working at CSP. 

    In addition to your form I-9, students will be sent a number of documents through AdobeSign upon hiring. These documents include: W-4 form, Student Employment Handbook Acknowledgement, and Student Confidentiality Agreement. When you are sent these documents please fill them out completely and electronically sign. 

    Start your employment right and come prepared. This government website shows you a list of documents you may provide to complete the Form I-9 to be eligible to work. Federal law requires you to show ORIGINAL documents (not photocopies). 

    If you have any questions, email ([email protected]) or call the HR department at 651-641-8846 or ext. 8846.

  • Normally, a provision is made for an unpaid 30-minute meal period to be taken by each student employee working eight or more continuous hours. A meal period may be paid if the student is on call during the meal, with the meal being subject to interruption to attend the duties of the position. The supervisor notifies the student in advance if his/her meal break is paid.

    A rest break is provided when a student works four or more continuous hours. Such breaks must be limited to 15 minutes each. Each break counts as part of the working hours.

  • All on-campus student employee jobs are posted on Handshake, CSP’s job and internship board. Handshake also includes off-campus positions and internships. Toggle to “Jobs” listed at the top of the page & select the filter “On-campus”.

  • Student employees may be selected in one of four ways:

    1. A student may apply through Handshake for jobs which are currently active. This process may require you to submit a resume or class schedule and to complete an interview with the hiring manager, similar to a job you would find off-campus. 
    2. A supervisor may wish to rehire a student who was previously employed in the position.  
    3. A student may be recommended to apply from classes conducted by the supervisor.
    4. A student may initiate contact with a supervisor, faculty, or staff member to inquire about potential openings.
  • All students are eligible to work up to 19 hours per week (not to exceed 950 hours) during the academic year and up to 29 hours per week during breaks and summer.

  • Concordia’s current hourly rate is $13.50 per hour (as of July 1, 2022) for all on-campus jobs. In addition, the pay Ordinance for the City of St. Paul requires all employers within the city limits to incrementally increase pay to $15.00 by July 1, 2024. As such, there will be a regular increase each July until we reach the 2024 requirement.

  • Earnings History is located in Blackboard – you can find pay information: direct deposit allocation, earnings and deductions history, pay stubs, and leave balance.


    1. Log in to Blackboard at
    2. Scroll down to “University Links” and click “Student Page – additional links for students”
    3. Scroll down to “Details of Employment”
    4. From there you can select any of the following:
    • Time Reporting – Access to fill out timecard
    • Pay Stub – Access to past payments
    • Leave Balance – Accumulation of ESST
    • Tax Forms – Access to W-4 Exemptions, Electronic W-2 Consent, W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, W-2c Corrected Wage and Tax Statement, View 1095C
    • General Employee Information
    • Student Employee Guide
    • Direct Deposit Information – Access to change/update Direct Deposit


    1. Login to Blackboard
    2. Under University Links located at the top left side of the page, select ‘Student Page-Additional Links for Students’
    3. Click on ‘Student Financial Services Information’
    4. Click on ‘View 1098T’
    5. Enter tax year 2021


Employment at Concordia University is not guaranteed or for a definite term and may be  terminated at will by either Concordia University or the employee, with or without cause.



Handshake is used for all available on-campus and off-campus student employment positions. There is an abundant of flexible opportunities that can work with your schedule whether you are looking for an internship, full-time job, or part-time job! Log in using your CSP credentials to get started.

Handshake Login

Work Study FAQ's


    Work Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay for educational expenses.

    If you qualify for work study, CSP uses funds from the federal government to pay for the hours that you work in a job that qualifies for work study.  

    1. File your FAFSA. 
    2. Determine if you qualify for work study. This would be listed on your award letter.  
    3. If you qualify, apply for on-campus (work study eligible) positions posted on Handshake.
    4. If you are hired, the funds from your work study award will be used to pay you on a bi-weekly basis through an hourly wage.
  • To know if you qualify for and have work study, you need to check your CSP financial aid account found on Blackboard. From there, go to your Financial Aid award and it should tell you if you are eligible for work study. If you have questions about if you qualify, please contact CSP Financial Aid at [email protected].

  • Most on-campus positions are eligible for work study. Sodexo, which runs the coffee shop and dining hall, along with the CSP Bookstore, managed by Barnes and Nobles, do not qualify for work study.

  • All on-campus (work study eligible) positions are posted on CSP’s job board, Handshake. As a student you already have an account and can log in with your CSP username and password. Once logged in, search and apply to jobs.

    • Tip: When you go to Handshake, click the job tab found at the top of the page. Once you are in the job tab, click the “on-campus” filter. Here, you will see all of the jobs that are taking applicants on-campus.
  • Unfortunately you are not guaranteed a position just because you have a work study award. You still need to apply for the positions and meet the qualifications of the position to be hired and paid with your work study funds.

  • If you are hired for an on-campus position at CSP, you will be paid on a bi-weekly basis through an hourly wage which comes from your work study award (which is federally funded).

  • Not necessarily. This is determined by the needs and budget of each department. Bottom line though… If you are hired to work on-campus in a paid position, and you work hours, you will be paid.

Please use these answers as a starting point to understanding basic work study questions. Each student situation and award is different. If you have specific questions, please reach out to CSP Financial Aid ([email protected]).


Payroll Calendar

The payroll calendar includes pay dates, timecard due dates, and pay periods for the year 2022.

Payroll Calendar 2022

Timecard FAQ's

  • Double check that you have received a confirmation email with a pin # from [email protected]. If you have, and your timecard still is not populating, please call: 651-641-8846 or ext. 8846 or email: [email protected]

  • Forgetting to submit hours is a bad habit to fall into. Please set yourself reminders in your phone, calendar, or planner to assist in remembering when timecards are due. Please email [email protected] for further information.

  • Contact your supervisor ASAP and ask them NOT to approve your timecard as you have forgotten to record a shift.

  • Please contact the HR Office ASAP at 651-641-8846 or ext. 8846.