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Student Employment: Supervisors

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Supervisor Handbook

Our supervisor handbook exists to provide supervisors with a working guide to understanding the day-to-day administration of student employment policies, pertinent employment law, and student employment procedures. It is essential the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook are followed.

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This site is intended to provide a number of resources for supervising student employees at CSP. Supervisors are an essential part of making our student’s employment at CSP rewarding and providing positive experiences and skills they will transfer into future careers.

Supervisor Resources

The Human Resources Office has a shared Google Drive with helpful resources for Supervisors. In this Google Drive you will find:

  • SOP’s
  • Interview Questions
  • Supervisor Onboarding Checklist
  • Termination Template
  • Verbal Offer Template

To request access to this drive, please click here: CSP Student Supervisor Resources

How to Hire

  1. Request to Post Position (instructions found in CSP Student Supervisor Resources Drive)
  2. Review Applicants
  3. Interview (See Section 2: Getting Ready to Hire in Supervisor Handbook)
  4. Offer Position (verbiage examples found in CSP Student Supervisor Resources Drive)
  5. Verify Onboarding with HR is complete
  6. Schedule first day (Onboarding Checklist found in CSP Student Supervisor Resources Drive)
  7. Monitor and Approve Timecards
  8. Manage Student Performance

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