Basic Skills ExamTeaching Licensure in Minnesota

MTLE Basic Skills Exam

Effective June 8, 2016, the MTLE Basic Skills Tests will be discontinued for teacher licensure in Minnesota. They have been replaced by the National Evaluation Series™ (NES®) assessment: Essential Academic Skills. There are still three subtests: Reading (001), Writing (002), and Mathematics (003).

We are awaiting formal word from the Minnesota Board of Teaching regarding the acceptance of MTLE tests already taken and passed and the minimum passing scores for licensure for each subtest of the NES. The proposed passing scores for the NES Essential Academic Skills tests are as follows: Mathematics 23, Reading 22, and Writing 19.

All MAT candidates must take the NES Essential Skills subtests prior to the completion of the first course in the program, ED 535. Passing scores are necessary for teacher licensure in the state of Minnesota.