Concordia St. Paul News

July 8, 2014

Alumnus Matthew Hewitt’s Passion for CSP Drives Creation of Innovative Donor Tool


Concordia University, St. Paul alumnus Matthew Hewitt’s willingness and desire to find others who share his same passion for CSP ultimately led to his selection as the recipient of the Creativity and Innovation Award as part of the 2014 Concordia Staff Performance Awards.

Hewitt, who works in the Office of Advancement as Prospect Development Analyst, helped create (with assistance from Melissa Stepan and  Staci Poole) Concordia’s Affinity Rating System, a system unique to the university that is changing how CSP views donors.

The Affinity Rating System measures three key aspects of Concordia’s potential donors: a person’s capacity to give, proclivity (the likeliness that they will give when able), and thirdly (and unique to The Affinity Rating System) the probability that they will present their gift to Concordia rather than another organization.

“The system has gained a lot of recognition outside of Concordia for its helpfulness,” Hewitt said.

Since creating The Affinity Rating System, Hewitt has given multiple presentations on the system within and outside Concordia University. He has spoken to CSP’s Board of Regents as well as the Advancement Committee. Outside of Concordia, Hewitt has presented the system to Minnesota Alumni Professionals (MAP), the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement-Minnesota Chapter (APRA-MN), and the Association of Lutheran Development Executives-North Star Chapter (ALDE-NS).

Hewitt, of Bloomington, Minn., earned his bachelors in Theology in 2009 and had planned to attend seminary training, but decided to pursue a master’s degree in Organizational Management, earning his MA in 2011. Hewitt continued his studies while employed at Concordia, earning his MBA in 2013, making Hewitt what he calls a “triple alum.”

In 2010 Hewitt accepted a job at CSP, working with the Office of Advancement and completing gift-data processing as Advancement Assistant. He now manages the university’s prospect research, prospect management, and fundraising analytics operations.

While Hewitt is not serving Concordia he uses his administrative and leadership skills to serve WHEREhouse Church.

“I love Jesus and I am really involved with our church plant here in St. Paul,” Hewitt stated. “I think that is a key part of who I am and how I describe myself.”

Hewitt works as WHEREhouse’s Congregational President and is responsible for the church’s business operations.

In his spare time, Hewitt enjoys supporting the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team.

“Come October, if the Cardinals are in the playoffs, I hang my Cardinals flag in my cube to spread the love of the Cardinals,” Hewitt said. “I catch a lot of flak for it up here in Twins Territory, but I think a lot of Twins fans are just jealous.”

Whether he is working or embracing spare time, this 2014 Innovation and Creativity Award winner uses his skills to support organizations and people as a steward of Christ.