Concordia St. Paul News

August 6, 2014

Campus Lockdown in Effect — Outdated

Campus Lockdown has been lifted. This announcement is for historic and informational purposes only.

Around 11pm on August 5th a shooting occured on Marshall Ave in the vicinity of the Arts Center building. There are two victims being treated at the hospital. The Saint Paul Police Department was on the scene immediately.  Campus Security responded to the situation and the St. Paul Police Department are involved and on campus looking for a suspect. It is believed that the suspect is known by the victims.

At this point, Security is asking for a lockdown of campus until further notice. Please do not leave the building without first checking in with Security at the Holst Hall Front Desk. There are a number of police responding to the situation and the investigation will probably continue through the evening.

The campus portal will be updated with information as it becomes available.

On campus residents are encouraged to remain in the residence halls. If you are currently off campus, please stay off campus if you are able until further information is provided.

If you notice any suspicious activity, please call 911.