Concordia St. Paul News

April 27, 2018

Concordia Professor’s Art Blooms at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

A piece of Concordia art professor Keith Williams’ artwork will channel spring this weekend when it is featured as part of the Art in Bloom event at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

The annual Art in Bloom event showcases artists’ fresh floral creations alongside the art pieces that inspired them. Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arranging that is strongly influenced by the austere, Zen Buddhist aesthetic. Williams’ piece, “Wabi Sabi Vase,” a Tenmoku-glazed Japanese-style flower vase, was selected by Ikebana artist, Janeen Rae.

This is the first time that Williams’ work will be featured in a museum and he is thrilled by the opportunity.

"Wabi Sabi Vase" pictured with "Mu" or "Nothingness

“Wabi Sabi Vase” pictured with “Mu” or “Nothingness

“Wabi Sabi Vase” is a tall, narrow, black vase that was inspired by medieval Japanese flower vases from the Iga Prefecture. Unlike the Iga ware, Williams’ vase is glazed with a black iron-saturate glaze rather than being wood-fired like medieval pieces were. Williams’ artwork and an ink calligraphy piece entitled, “Mu,” which translates as “Nothingness” will be featured together.

“Rae’s [floral] arrangement complements the pieces well. I think she chose my piece because it is so asymmetrical and organic in form and also black to pair with the black-ink calligraphy in the museum piece she selected,” Williams explained.

The four-day event runs through Sunday, April 29 at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and is free to the public. For more information, check out their website.