Concordia St. Paul News

January 30, 2014

Concordia University, St. Paul Posts New Enrollment Record

Concordia University, St. Paul announced today (Jan. 30) that its Spring 2014 semester enrollment is 3,652 students, marking the largest semester total in Concordia’s 120-year history. That figure eclipses the previous all-time record of 3,632 established in Fall 2013.

The spring semester totals reflect a continued pattern of strong growth as Concordia’s enrollment increased by 637 students compared to the same period last year, marking the sixth consecutive semester of rising enrollment. Concordia’s spring enrollment totals have increased for nine straight spring semesters dating back to 2006.

“We are thrilled that students continue to be drawn to the quality academic programs Concordia offers,” said director of traditional admissions Kristin Vogel. “We are also pleased to see increased retention from fall to spring as more and more students are experiencing the value of a Concordia education.”

The 3,652 total includes 1,282 traditional undergraduate students, 1,394 graduate students, 889 adult undergraduates and 88 post-graduate students. Each student population’s enrollment increased from the previous spring semester with the adult undergraduate area seeing the largest jump with the addition of 254 more students. Concordia gained 139 additional graduate students, 177 more traditional students and 68 additional post-graduate enrollments compared to Spring 2013.

Kim Craig, director of cohort enrollment management at Concordia, attributes the growth to many factors, but feels one significant reason is Concordia’s intentional focus on delivering relevant programs in multiple deliveries.

“Concordia is responding to meet the demands of the market by taking a data-driven approach to program development which is helping us continue to attract and retain more students.”

In addition to the higher enrollment, retention numbers for new freshmen (89 percent) and transfers (89.1 percent) from fall to spring semester remained strong.

Concordia President Tom Reis mentioned in his blog to faculty and staff that not only is he pleased to see the enrollment increase, but he’s also encouraged to see solid retention figures.

“There are colleges and universities which have higher percentages of retention, but given the socio-economic background of many of our students, these numbers are refreshing and help us measure our progress on our goal to increase retention and persistence to graduation.” said Concordia University President Tom Reis.

Concordia recorded a then spring semester record of 3,015 students a year ago.